No.235 | November 2012 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2012-12-18

News and Events Column Host: Li Xin
5 Briefing, News
8 Overseas Information
10 New Design
11 Recommended Reading

The Story of Office Column Host: Huang Dequan
14 Century of Modern Office Space Design: Efficiency, Hierarchy and Identity Zhang Li
22 A Study on the Relationship between Office Building and Urban Development and the Human Environment Zhang Jingqiu
26 0ffice Buildings: Evolution and Prospect Liu Jiangang
31 The Office Space of 20th Century Zhang Yue
37 The Development of Office Space Form Li Zhiwei
43 From the Invention History to See the Development of Things for Office Use Dai Wusan
48 Typewriter, Office & Woman Typist Xiao Ning

Front Line Column Host: An Ying
51 Design Perfect User Experience: the Philosophy of YANG DESIGN Li Jiang Huang Dequan

Exhibition on Paper Column Host: Zhao Hua
58 Design Encounters in Museums and Streets, Cultural Experiences in Free and Uncertain Environments: Feelings of London Design Festival 2012 Li Yizhou
64 The Expression of Paper: 2012 Beijing International Design Week and a Glance at the Design Hop Zhang Ming

Scholar's Inquiry Column Host: Diao Long
69 Research on Traditional Ceramics Crafts Yang Yongshan

Case Study Column Host: Li Yun
74 The Application of Visual Metaphor in Animation Scene Design Zeng Xin Chen Wenjin
76 Exploring the Vision and Spirit: An Analysis of Guy Bourdin's Fashion Photogragh Hu Gangfeng Wei Qi
79 Study on Barrier Free Color in Digital Interaction Li Xia Yang Lu Wang Dan Shen Ze
81 The Integrated Communication and Humanistic Value of Metro Brand Identity: From London to Tokyo and HongKong Lou Wenbing
83 A Study of Hangzhou Female Outfit Brand Design Process Research Wu Bibo
85 Surpass the Intrinsic Color of Package Design Zhang Jun
88 Research on Indentication Colour of Metro Line Zhang Lili

Folk Art and Culture Column Host: Huang Ye
90 Qilu Area Cut Pile Embroidery Insoles Craft Investigation Kuang Chengquan Xia Yan
93 The Study on the LingNan ManZhou Windows about Origin Decoration and Structure Skills Zeng Juan
96 Research on Plastic Arts of Xinjiang Kazakh Saddle Wang Xiaoling
98 An Analysis of the Portrait Carved Porcelain Art in Zibo Song Runmin

History of Art and Design Column Host: Zhou Zhi
100 Business Features and Style Characteristics of the Late Ming Book Binding: Also on the Relationship between the Painting Manuals and Book Illustration in late Ming Fu Huimin
102 Costume Art of the Eastern Zhou of Jin According to the Excavation Jiang Li
104 Research of Buddhism Figures Decoration & Relief Art Style of QuanZhou East- West Tower Wang Dawei Zhao Jianfeng
106 The Research of Fuxi Lifting Sun And Nuwa Lifting Moon Image Construction Liu Qian

Teaching Archive Column Host: Mo Xiao
109 The Teaching and Learning of Open Multi-style Book Binding Design Course Wu Zengyi
111 Architecture and Arts:on ArchitectureTurning in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Shen Kang
114 Discussion on the Industry Practices for Design Education: The Course of User Interface Design Zhu Jihong Liao Haijin

Practice Column Host: Tian Jun
116 Exploration of Innovative Design on Children's Outdoor Recreation Facilities for Multiple Intelligences Development Huang Wei Wu Jianfeng
118 Plate-typed Furniture Design and Research for Middle-low Income Youth in Urban Zhao Ying
120 Cold City Outdoor Hydrophilic Facilities Planning Design Zhang Lei Zhang Weiming Lin Hua
123 Application and Embodiment of Visual Cultural Symbols in the Designing of Gift Packets: Illustrated by the Designing of the Packet for Foshan Hantang Cake Yang Jing Luo zhehui

Colleges Column Host: Yu Qin
125 Practice and Research of Information Architecture and Visualization Design Course Lü Xi
127 The Visual Communication of Brand in the Fashion Retail Stores Cheng Qi
129 Brand Nature of Digital Character Image Promotion Shen Jinli
131 From Static to Dynamic:The New Extension of Typography Design Course Teaching Sheng Feifei
133 Analysis on the Design of Interactive Network Advertisement Xie Chengkai
135 The Differences of Happiness :Research on Package Design of Tourist Souvenirs Zeng Min
137 Visual Reforger in Virtual Image and Real Scene of Digital Live Design Zeng Zhen
139 Study on Chinese Style in UI & UX Li Yu
141 Competition Form Teaching to point to "Solve the Problem" Ren Hongwei
143 Conversion of Writing Symbol to Graphic Symbol: Extraction and Expression of Theme Language in Poster Design Zhan Wenyao


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