No.234 | October 2012 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2012-11-10

News and Events Column Host: Li Xin
5 Briefing, News
7 Overseas Information
8 New Design
9 Recommended Reading

The Turn of the Ethics Column Host: Tian Jun
12 Study on the Design Ethics of Great Britain, Last Half of 19th Century Zhou Zhi
19 Machine vs. People:Tracking Down the Origin of the Modernist Design Ethics Chen Anying
26 The Postmodern Turn of the Ethics Fang Xiaofeng
32 Design Ethics in Information Age Wu Qiong

Exhibition on Paper Column Host: Zhao Hua
37 Journey to the Central Europe Written and Photo by ZHUANGSHI Editorial Department
48 Material life Discovery: The 6th International“Creative Future:Decorative Material Creation Camp” Yang Dongjiang

Scholar's Inquiry Column Host: Diao Long
52 Function and Its Civilization Reflected of Kesi in the Yuan Dynasty Shang Gang

Front Line Column Host: An Ying
56 All Hands in Design: The Design Doctrine of ‘s.point Design’ Li Jiang Huang Dequan

Essay Column Host: Mo Xiao
64 Analysis of the Creativity about Propaganda Film of Peking and Yale University Zhang Qingrong Feng Dakang

History of Art and Design Column Host: Zhou Zhi
66 Characteristics Analysis on Daily Used Pottery Modeling of Beacon Hill Kiln in Song Dynasty, Chaozhou Liu Jianzhao
68 The Material Culture Attribute In Contemporary Public Art Teng Ying
70 The Original of “Tiaodao” Decoration in Technique of Ceramic Wang Legeng
72 The Comparison of View of Fashion between Blumer’s and Simmel’s Tang Xiyan
75 Relationship between the Line Drawing Art of the Engraving Illustrations and Painters in Ming Dynasty Wen Weishan

Case Study Column Host: Li Yun
78 The Presence of Materials in the Perceptive Permeable Space Based on Time Xie Qing Su Jing
80 The Research on Trend of Industrial Design Institutions Li Ang
82 Feminist Advertising Criticism: Misconception and Introspection Wang Zhan
85 Walking out of Beardsley:The Illustration of Thomas Mackenzie Zhang Ning
87 Narrative Space : Constructing the Emotional Experience of Exhibition Space Tong Xiaoming
89 Modularity and Evolutionary Design Xu Muchuan

Teaching Archive Column Host: Mo Xiao
92 Perfect Participation Design Projects, Full Experience of Dormitory Decoration Design Process: Innovative Study of Decorative Art and Design Professional Course Zhao Meng
94 A Research on Specific Observation Sketch Teaching Based on Developing Multi-source Analytic Ability Shi Jun
97  The Opinion of Teaching Mode for Students of Industrial Design with Studio System Based on Research Cooperation Lu Chunfu Zhu Yihao
99 A Study of Design Knowledge Management: Based on Service Design for Mobile Internet Hu Ying Guo Yinman
101 Experiential Teaching Mode of Exhibition Model Design Ye Shuanggui Jiang Baoguo

Folk Art and Culture Column Host: Huang Ye
103 Analycis on the Hong Bang Handcraft Liu Yunhua
105 Study on the Carved Preserves of Miao&Dong Minority, Xiangxi Luo Mingjin
107 Fish, Cattle and Life Consciousness: Aesthetic Reflection on Headwear Culture of DongMinority,Huanggang Duan Xiaoyun Wang Yingli
110 Comparison on Decorative Patterns Between TAJIK in China and in TAJIKISTAN Wang Guangxin Yi Miaomiao
112 A Comparison of Plastic Arts between Suqi's Lantern Picture in Anyang and Wuqiang's Lantern Riddle Quize New Year Picture in Hebei Chen Jie
114 On the Patterns of "Phoenix " and "Peony" of Folk Costumes Wu Cong

Practice Column Host: Tian Jun
116 Upgrading, Creating Participation: Experimental Value of Low-carbon Household Goods Design Chen Hongyan Yuan Minglan Li Jieyu
119 Designed for Carrying: Suitcase Design Research and Practice Huang Xiao
121 Application of Virtual Assembly to Designing a Furniture Dong Sun QianYun
123 Natural Response: Research on Passive Energy-saving Design of Rural Houses in Central China Lake Area Jin Xi Xu Feng Zhang Guoqiang

Colleges Column Host: Yu Qin
125 Rabbit Pattern Image of Yuan Dynasty Textiles Liu Keyan
127 From a Creative Design Perspective Analysis of the Exhibition’s Theme Xu Chuanhong
129 Creative Design of Interactive Advertising Installation Chen Hongyan
131 Graphics in the Mobile Newspaper Li Ya Zhang Guoliang
133 The Blending Construction between Art Design Majors in Integrated Marketing Communications Environment Liu Jing
135 Spatial Constitution and Performance of TV Advertisement Liu Hongbo

137 Research on Shanghai Culture in Advertising Signs of SHANGHAI TIMES Lin Yahong
139 The Establishment of Modernism Art Language on the Basic Training Courses of Drawing and Painting in Design College Gu Jinsong
141 Digital Media Arts and Advertising Professional Education Innovative Research Methods Zhan Bing
143 Start from Baoying: “Design Contributing to County Booming” and Cultural Creative Industry Regional Dai Chengliang


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