No.195 | July 2009 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-11-30
Special Scheme: Toy Design
Information Space
5          Exhibition Information, Conference Information, Academy News
            Mo Xiao
         Overseas Information
             Yue Junyao
10        New Books
             Mo Xiao
11        Book Review
            Teng Xiaobo
Special Scheme: Toy Design
12        Plaything Confidence: The Particular “ Playing” Quality of Chinese Folk Toy
             Li Lixin
18        Collection Memory——Interview of Folk Toy Collector Mr. Wang Lianhai
             Interviewer: Teng Xiaobo & Huang Dequan Script: Huang Dequan
22        The Evolution of Barbie
             Teng Xiaobo
30        The Design Consciousness of Toy Enterprise in China——A Design Investigation of the Toy Enterprises in
             Hai Jun
34        “ I – faction” Encountered with “ à ”——Interview of Two Local Young Teams of Toy Design
             Interviewer: Zhao Wenbing & Zhao Hua   Script: Zhao Wenbing
42        The Taste of Happiness——The Story of Gidanwawa
             Covered by: Zhao Hua Script by: Yang Liu & Zhao Hua
Exhibition in Paper
46        Creating Architecture of Hope and Happiness——Crossing: Summary of the Dialogues for Emergency
             Pan Qing
52        Memory of the Blue and White
             Tan Xiaoling
Contemporary Figure
56        Interview of Prof. Frank O’Sullivan from University of Brighton
             Reporter: Fang Xiaofeng & Li Yun     Photographer: Zhu Liang
Improvisatory Thought
60        A Stome from Other Hills——Inspired by the Design Education at Royal Melbourne Institute of
            Technology University in Australia
             Wu Jianhua
 62        In Memory of Mr. Qiu Ling
              Qiu Di, Qiu Jian & Tang Wei
China Creative Industry Park
65        Fuoshan Creativity Industrial Park and the Investigation of its Construction Concept
             Reporter: Zhu Liang & Huang Dequan Text: Zhu Liang
Design Theory
72        The Design of La Jeunesse and the Modern Consciousness of Chinese Graphic Design
             Zou Haidong
74        The Plant Pattern Involved in Modern Interior Design
             Yang Jiansheng
76        Functional Design and Formal Design
             Dong Meihong
78        Discussion of the Design Concept of Renovating Urban Street Color of Tianjing City
             Gao Jinsuo & Liang Lina
Space of History and Theory
80        Mashan Dress Decorative Pattern Influenced by Wu Culture Displayed by the Dragon, Phoenix and Tiger
             Sun Cuiling
82        The System Arrogation and Function of Object Making in Dongzhou
             Xu Dongshu
84        Mr. He Yanming and his “ Li’s” Design
             Zhou Yi
86        The Backlight Color Painted Pattern of Kon-doh of Murou-ji Temple in Japan
             Yang Jianjun
88        Adolf Loos · Ornament no Crime
             Li Bin
Case Study
90        Inheritance and Innovation——Shan Hai Jing and the Abnormal Thinking of Poster Design
             Li Xiaojun
92        Breaking through Boundary——A Talk about the Design Significance of Concept Clothing
             Liu Jun
94        Sculpting Animated Cartoon——Reflections over the GK Trend of Japanese Cartoon
             Zhang Fan
96        Study of the Dress Decorative Patterns on Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan
             Zhang Jie & Chen Jianhui
98        The Approach of Seeking Suggestions by Means of Form——Review of Sex-related Advertisement
             Sun Haiyin & Zhang Jingjing
Design Practice
100      Look at the Relationship between Sculpture and Landscape by the Image Making Plan of Laozi
             Wang Zhan & Ma Yun
102      Talk about the Uniform Tone in Commercial Advertising from the Production of Wang Laoji
              Li Dafeng
104      Preliminary Study of the Design and Development of Tourist Souvenir with Guangzhou Characteristics
             Zeng Zhilin
106      The Visual Angel of Camera——Exploring the Angel and Notion of Photographic Creation
              Li Tianyuan
Folk Customs and Art
108      Suqi Painted Lantern of Anyang and its Artistic Value
             Li Ning
110      Materialized Features of the Primitive Thinking in Modeling Yunnan Jiama
             Zheng Ling
112      Investigate the Cultural and Artistic Features of the Dragon-and-Phoenix Stelae and Footstone in
             Ningyuan Wenmiao Temple
             He Cixian
114      Mingled Interests——Brief Analysis of the Evolving Style of Three Mazha Buildings in Hami
             Sai’erjiang-Halike & Liu Chang
116      The Social Role and Aesthetic Statement of Zhuang Embroidery Ball
             Lu Ping & Peng Jiawei
118      Dissimilation of the Culture Survival Space for Miao Dress Adomment and its Countermeasures
             Zhou Jing
Teaching Archive
120      Considering Teaching of Body Sketch for Art Design Professionals
             Ma Jianhua
122      Exploring Experimental Design Course
             Shi Ping
124      On the Importance of Hand-Paint in Teaching Graphic Design
             Wang Wei
Characteristic of Colleges
127      To Congeal Features and Exploit Innovations——The Art Design Department of The College of Fine Arts
             of Capital Normal University
             Pan Qiang
129      Probe into the Talent Cultivation Mode of the New Media Art Subject
             Zhang Yali
131      The Enterprise Visual Identification Center in the Post-Consumption Era
             Hao Xueting & Hao Xueli
133      Design Work by Li Zhongyang
134      Design Work by Yan Xuefeng
135      Design Work by Zhang Biao
136      Design Work by Yang Fan
137      Design Work by Xia Bin
138      Design Work by Xie Jie
139      Design Work by Xie Mingyang
140      Design Work by Jiang Shouguo
141      Design Work by Xiao Chuan
142      Design Work by Wen Jingbo
143      Sculpture by Wang Xinggang
144      Photograph by Chen Zhi


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