No.232 | Augest 2012 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2012-10-09

News and Events Column Host: Li Xin
5 Briefing, News
8 Overseas Information
10 New Design
11 Recommended Reading

Graduation Design · Environmental Art Design Column Host: Zhu Liang
14 Outstanding Graduation Design from the Department of Environmental Art Design, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University
24 Outstanding Graduation Design from the School of Architecture, CAFA
30 Outstanding Graduation Design from the Department of Environmental Design,China Academy of Art
40 Outstanding Graduation Design from the School of Architecture & Environmental Design, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
48 Outstanding Graduation Design from the Department of Environmental Art Design, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Book Review Column Host: Huang Ye
55 Design’s Gold Medalist Richard B. Doubleday Translator: Wang Yun

Front Line Column Host: An Ying
56 Innovation Leads to Success: Interviewed with XieYong, the General Manager of EXMADE (Beijing) Industrial Design Company Interviewed by Tian Jun, Zhu Liang Written by Tian Jun

Scholar's Inquiry Column Host: Diao Long
62 The Study of Wu Bin’s Ten Faces of Lingbi Stone and Mi Wanzhong’s Feifei Stone Huang Xiao Jia Jun

Essay Column Host: Zhu Liang
68 The Highly Combination of Art and Life:Israeli Female Artist Irana Goor’s Personal Museum Yang Zhiwan
70 The Art Education and Art Ecology of the American Society: Some Thinking After Visiting the Massachusetts College of Art and Design Li Tianyuan

History of Art and Design Column Host: Zhou Zhi
72 On Implicit Association of Public Art Creation Chen Lixun Dong Qi
74 Analyze the Feature of Inkstones Made in Duanxi, Guangdong Province Liang Shan
76 A Discussion on the Han Official Workshops from the Lacquer Wares Inscribed with "Cheng Yu" Liu Yan
78 Slight Exploration of the Design of Book Advertisement in Song and Yuan Dynasties Wang Haigang
80 From Herbert Bayer’s Work on a New Vision of the Wild Thinking Xiao Chuan

Case Study Column Host: Li Yun
82 The Definition of Fashion Design's Plagiarizing in the View of Copy Right Law Cai Lingxiao Hu Binbin
84 Study on User Segment and the Corresponding Design Strategy Based on Innovation Tendency Chen Yu
86 Network Interactive Visual Design Based on Mouse’s Motion Huang Lan
88 The Design Characteristics in Post-industrial Circumstance Viewed from the Transformation of LEGO Liu Jun
90 Research on Mobile Phone Interactive Animation and Its Form Ma Jinxiang Liu Jie Park Boo-Mee
92 Strategic Transformation of UNIQLO Leading with Design:Sato Kashiwa’s Intelligent Design Wu Yihua
94 Experience Design Research Based on the Bathroom Product Guo Huiyao

Practice Column Host: Tian Jun
96 Tactus Activation: The Exploration of Packaging Design for the Blind Zhao Haokai
98 Discuss the Application of Color Composition in the Creation of Animation Scene from "New Year’s Eve Festival” Zhang Jianlong
100 The Creative Design of Long-Term Use Slippers He Xiaojuan
102 Practice Research of the Tool Set Design Dou Jinhua Jiang Xiaolong

Teaching Archive Column Host: Zhu Liang
104 Teaching and Practice of Art and Design Professional Modeling Foundation Courses Li Li Zhang Yan

106 Effective Connection Between Three-Dimensional Composition and Shoes Shapes Xu Huiru
108 The Application of Traditional Chinese Cultural Symbols in the Teaching of Architecture Design Gao Jian

Folk Art and Culture Column Host: Huang Ye
110 Materiality and Beyond Materiality: the Red Brick Arts of Quanzhou Dwelling House in the View of Tectonic Culture Zhang Heng Li Li
112 A Preliminary Comparison Between New Year Paintings about Local Opera in Hua County and New Year Paintings in Districts Nearby Guo Aihong
114 On the Change and Cultural Implications of the Queen Mother in Folk Beliefs Geng Cong
116 Language Analysis of Yunnan Paper-charms from the Craftsmanship Perspective Zheng Ling
118 The Yiyang Xiaoyu Bamboo Art Being Forgotten Liu Yingwu
120 Research on the Composition Features of Ku Shulan’s Paper-Cut Art Du Jie Wang Jiamin
123 The Artistic Features and Cultural Origins of Pai Yao Traditional Embroidery Liu Zichuan

Colleges Column Host: Yu Qin
125 On the Ground Pavement of Parks Sun Weihua
127 The Teaching Case of City Landscape Artistic Designing Course around the Topic of “Three Kingdoms Culture and City Landscape Innovation of Xiangyang City” Zhao De
129 Express Information through Character: The Analysis on the Expression and Application of Chinese Characters' Imaging Ding Xiqin
131 Analysis of Decorative and Segmentation Techniques in the Composition of the Fashion Suo Feiya
133 Practicing Courses' Pitching in Systematic Artistic Designing Courses:Take Environment Art for Example Ma Changyong
136 The Influence of Shanxi Merchant Culture on Modern CI Design Chen Zhiquan
137 The Current Situation of Graphic Design with the Application of Digital Technology Ge Dongmin
139 The Embody of Value on Traditional Culture in the Campus Landscape Design Zhang Bo
141 Teacher's Works of Fine Arts College, Hubei University of Arts and Science


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