No.196 | August 2009 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-11-30

Special Scheme: High-Tec and Low-Tec



Information Space
         Exhibition Information, Industry News, Conference Information, Academy News
             Yun Li
         Overseas Information
             Yue Junyao
10        New Books
             Yun Li
11        Book Review
             Zhou Zhi
Special Scheme: High-Tec and Low-Tec
13        Design Finding Place between High-Tec and Low-Tec
             Xu Hengchun
18        Attitude toward Architectural Technology
             Zhang Li
26        Sustainable Design Based on Low-Tec
             He Renke, Tang Xiao & Huang Jinghui
30        Behind the “Simplicity”
             Dai Wusan
34        Gains and Losses of Designers’ Professionalization——The Case of Designer and Design Technology in
             Making Tapestry and Carpet
             Liu Bing & Ren Yufeng
38        Design Always Goes with Technology——Interview of Mr. Shi Zhenyu
             Interviewer: Tian Jun and Zhao Wenbing Photographer: Zhu Liang Edited by Tian Jun
Exhibition in Paper
43        2009 Granduation Works Collected by the Visual Art Center, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua
Overseas Trend
50        “Anti-technological avant-garde design in the 19th and late 20th century: Arts and Crafts and Dutch
             Postmodernism Ⅰ
             J. W. Drukker & Marjolein van Velzen Translated by Teng Xiaobo        
Contemporary Figure
60        Interview Christian Guellerin, the President of CULULUS
             Interview, Tape Edited by Zhou Zhi   Pototgrapher: Zhu Liang
China Creative Industry Park
62        Magic of Sphinx——Shenzhen Sphinx Co., LTD & Creative Industry Park
             Interviewer: Zhu Liang & Huang Dequan Writer: Huang Dequan
Improvisatory Thought
70        Modernity in Tradition——A Glimpse of Contemporary Public Art in Athens
             Song Changqing
72        The Craft Master out of the Ancient Town in Lili
             Yin Xiuhong
Design Theory
74        The Relationship between Contemporary Art and Space Design
             Liu Beiguang & Jia Jiandong
76        Animated Cartoon Design Trend for Brands
             Xu Yuling & Hu Jiefeng
Space of History and Theory
78        Purple Stone with Cloud Pattern——Cloud Pattern Applied in Duan Inkstone
             Wang Zhengguang
81        Inheritance of Historical Culture and Contemporary Chinese Logo Design for Universities and Colleges
             Pan Daozhong
84        Discussion of the Tomb Stone Carving Avoiding Evil Spirits of the South Dynasty in Nanjing
             Xu Qiaohui
86        Ulm’s Pattern and its Design Ideas
             Liu Jing
88        A Study of Architectural Art of Modern Garden House of Xinhepu District of Guangzhou
             Liu Huagang
Design Practice
91        Space of Art·Art of Space——About the Design Originality of China Pavilion in Three World Expos
             Huang Jiancheng
94        Study of Low-Tec Applied in Architecture from Shigeru Ban’s “ Paper Architecture”
             Liu Ying
96        Study of Product Design Solution for the Problem of Water Resource Shortage
             Zhao Ying
98        Discussion and Practice of the Navigation Design for Tourist Area——The Case of the Navigation Design
            of Songshan
             Gao Liang
Case Study
100      Edible “ Beauty”——Analysis of Color Design for Food Package
             Shi Shaobo
102      The Psychological Effects of the Light and Shadow in a Virtual Space
             Ma Xinfan
104      The Feature of Architectural Ornament of Original National Zhongshan University
             Wu Zongjian
Folk Customs and Art
106      Investigate the Production Craft of Bamboo Curtain in Liangping
             Guang yu & Guo Chun
110      The Folk Handicraft of Inner Mongolian Wedding Custom
             Da Nisha
112      Brief Discussion of “ Ruyi”
             Jin Dongting & Wu Zhuyuan
114      Ingenious Stone Carving of Baoqing Dark Crystal
             Wang Yanping & Tang Wenlin
116      The Aesthetic Abstractness of Tujia Brocade Displayed by its Pattern and Color
             Lu Yimei & Lu Qian
Teaching Archive
118      Preliminary Discussion of Reforming Courses on Decoration Technology in Vocational School
             Liao Fenghua
120      Innovative Teaching of POP Design with Reference to Experimental Art
             Song Zhao, Pan Rong & Li Haihong
122      Complete a Subject in Substantial Content or just in Form——Teaching of Environmental Design for
             Feng Qiao
Characteristic of Colleges
125      Where should the “ Tadpoles” go?——The Trend of Animated Cartoon in Ink and Wash Painting in
             Post-modernist Cultural Context
             Shu Yanhong
127      Talk about Teaching Animated Cartoon in Tertiary Institutions from Present Technology Classification of
             Animated Cartoon Production
             Chen Zhongke & Huang Youzhen
130      Innovation and Practice of Teaching “ Color Design Analysis”
             Guan Huiyi
132      Exploring the Teaching of Art Design Theory Based on Blog
             Luo Shengjing
135      The Charm of Harmony——The Function of Blending Chinese with English in Visual Communication
             Su Xiaoding
137      The Self-Knowledge of Marketing Notion in Advertisement Design Education
             Feng Yi
140      Analysis of Visual Form in Contemporary Photographic Advertisement
             Wang Li
142      Nationality and Regionality of Design——Medal Design for The 8th National Ethnic Minority Games
             Zhong Xiangwei
144      Teachers’ Works from the Department of Fine Arts of Guangdong Education College



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