No.230 | June 2012 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2012-07-28

News and Events Column Host: Li Xin
5 Briefing, News
12 Overseas Information
14 New Design
15 Recommended Reading

Fast & Slow Column Host: Zhao Hua
16 Slowly Frisk: Academic Seminar on “Fast and Slow” of Design and Life
Edited by Zhao Hua
27 Fast and Slow under the Consumer Perspective of Sociology Sun Feng
30 The Harmonious Coexistence of Human and Technology: Interview with Corporate Vice President, Microsoft, Mr. Ya-Qin Zhang
Interviewed by Chen Anying & Zhao Hua Written by Zhao Hua
35 “More Haste Less Speed”:Rethinking Relationship of Fast and Low-Speed Transportation
Ma Qiang
40 City, Auto and People: The Future of China’s Urban Transport
Yan Yang

Exhibition on Paper Column Host: Zhao Hua
46 The Influence of the Regional Culture to the Practice of Current Design:the Exhibition of Slow Life and Slow Design of Hangzhou Zhu Jun

Front Line Column Host: An Ying
56 "Banmoo" Growing up Slowly Interviewed by Fang Xiaofeng Wang Yun Written by Wang Yun

Book Review Column Host: Huang Ye
62 Signage Design Manual Huda AbiFarès Translator: Wang Yun

Essay Column Host: Zhu Liang
64 Accurately Restore the Ancient Clothing Style on the Ancient Costume Cartoon
Chen Weiping

Scholar's Inquiry Column Host: Diao Long
66 The Revival of Jingdezhen through the Creation of Official State Dinnerware
Alfreda Murck Translator: Zhao Yiping

History of Art and Design Column Host: Zhou Zhi
69 Analysis on the Space Language of Ornamental Feature of Brick Stone During the Han Dynasty in Nanyang
Pang Guohua
72 The Trees' Plastic Pattern in the Portrait of the Brick Stone During the Han Dynasty Tang Jianzhong
74 The Combination Shape and Aesthetic Espression of Modern Clothing Placket and Buckle Tabs
Du Li Chen Yan Zhang Jingqiong
76 Analysis on the Unity Features of Han People’s Traditional Costume Decorative Pattern
Xu Wen
78 The “Small China” Context of JiuQu Garden in Korean Huayang
Jin Yinzhen
80 Jilongsheng and the Comic Art of Taiwan During the Japanese Occupation Period
Li Quanlin

Case Study Column Host: Li Yun
82 The Taste of Dyeing: Hand Dyeing and Design Meaning
Lin Jun
84 The Method of Assembled Fancy Toys Design Based on Flow Experience
Mei Mei Yue Huaiwang
86 Rebelling and Appropriation: Culture Analysis on the Early Period of Vivienne Westwood’s Fashion Design
Xiang Kaiying
88 Integration and Construction:New Exploration on Kan Tai-Keung’s Chinese Ink Post Wang Lifang

Folk Art and Culture Column Host: Huang Ye
90 Study on Characteristics of Kazak Women Headdress Modeling Wu Jun
92 Research on the Grotesque Images of Chaozhou Woodcarving Huang Xianhui
94 From the Development of Modern Socio-economic to see the Dress Cultural Pass on and Protection of the Hainan Li Nationality
Qin Jigang
96 Black is Beauty:Analysis of the Origin of the Advocating Black in Huaiyang Clay Dogs Meng Bin
99 A Study of the Artistic Characteristics of Handcrafted Flowers of Yingshan County
Hu Xiaojie
101 The Interpret of Nationality of Ge Peoples’ Batik Costume Art in Guizhou: A Fieldwork of Wangba Village in Chongxing Country of Huangping County, Southeast Guizhou Zhou Ying

Practice Column Host: Tian Jun
104 The Analysis of the Growth Design of Products
Liu Zongming
106 The Study on Visual Environment of Academic Conferences
Wu Meng
108 Case Analysis of the Sustainable Product Service System Design:Take Clothing Recycling Service Design for Example Yu Senlin
Liu Xin
110 The Basic Method of Creative Three-dimensional Cutting
Qiu Peina
112 The Organic Renewal of Traditional Waterfront Block:A Case Study of Landscape Renovation of Xiqu
Chen Wei Shen Leyue
114 Brand Identity Design of Limitless Based on Gene Theory
Liu Jun

Teaching Archive Column Host: Zhu Liang
116 The Inheriting of Cultural Heritage from the Angle of Higher Education: The Teaching Research of Guangzhou Color Porcelain as the New Decoration Art Materials
Qi Zhe
119 Research on Plastic Art Theory and Material Teaching Practice of Screen Printing
Su Xuguang
121 Instructional Design and Exploration Based on the Living Lab Innovative Approaches: The Article Takes the Product Design Course as Example
Wang Xiaochun Guo Shuai Ji Yang
123 The New Teaching Thought of “Art and Design Foundation”:Applied Research on the “Three Guiding” Teaching Methodology
Wang Xiaotong

Colleges Column Host: Yu Qin
125 The Regional Landscape of Commercial Pedestrian Street in Traditional Pattern and Environment Shaping in Urban Area
Chu Haifeng
127 Analysis on Planning and Design of Guilin University Town from North Guangxi Dwellings Build Culture
Wei Peng
129 Inspired by the Guide System Design at the City of Albuquerque
Ban Lixuan
131 Analys on Bamboo Product Design Based on Substainability
Liang Huiping
133 3D Virtual Design and Research of Guangxi Sanjiang Ecological Museum
Peng Guobin
135 The Form Art and Design Application of Guangxi Dong Woman Dres
Tang Jie
137 Primary Study on the Tourist Souvenirs Design with Landscape Cultural in Guilin
Ye Dehui
139 The Free Expression of the Connotations of the Cartoons:A Study on the Connotations of the Traditional Chinese Cartoons
Li Xu
141 Discuss the "Freehand Spirit" in Modern Clothes Design
Ma Hong
143 Study on Chinese Painting Teaching Curriculum Reform in College Design Specialty
Wu Dan


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