No.229 | May 2012 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2012-07-10


News and Events Column Host: Li Xin
5 Briefing, News
8 Overseas Information
10 New Design
11 Recommended Reading

Baroque Column Host: Zhou Zhi
12 How to Express Dynamic Image through Baroque Architecture
Fang Xiaofeng
17 The Galli Bibiena Family and Baroque Stage Design
Lai Xudong
20 West Fashion Culture in Baroque Period
Li Dangqi
24 Funiture in Baroque Period
Yu Lizhan
Wang Lei
28 From Rational Nature to Perceptual Nature: Bernini and Baroque Sculpture
Sheng Jing
32 Baroque Serif
Gu Xin
36 Wild New Order: Neo-baroque Design of France in 1980s
Zhou Zhi

Exhibition on Paper Column Host: Zhao Hua 

40 Gorgeous Spring:Selected Works from China Fashion Week (Autumn and Winter Series 2012/2013 )
Edited by Zhao Hua
Provided by Organizing Committee of China Fashion Week

International Scholars  Column Host: Li Yun

50 Jan Tschichold's Typographische Gestaltung:A Reference Manual for Modernist Design
Richard B. Doubleday, Translator: Wang Yun 

Front Line Column Host: An Ying
56 The Blueprint in Mind:From Product Design Company to Design Company
Interviewed by Fang Xiaofeng  Wang Yun
Written by Wang Yun 


Essay Column Host: Zhu Liang

62 Persevering & Developing: Design of Public Art of Business Quarter at Irvine & Tustin in the U.S
Jiang Zhuqing

Book Review Column Host: Huang Ye 

64 Senior Magnum Opus, Academia Model:Responding to Dress Culture in China: Chinese Clothing Culture 7000 Years
Li Dangqi

 Practice Column Host: Tian Jun
65 Design Innovation and Technology Exploration in Ceramic Wine Bottles
Shen Yandong

67 From the Evaluation,Construction,Use to Management:Study on User Participation in Depth Based on the POE in Nanting Village
Chen Hongyan
Yuan Minglan

70 Contextual Design Research for Rural Washing Machine
Fu Yu

73 From "Urban Frontier" to "Urban Bloom":Heritage and Innovation in Interior Design of the Second Period of Beijing Subway Line 10
Yang Dongjiang
76"City Face"Poster Design Practices
Zou Jinlin
Peng Yiqing
78 The Rebirth of Regional Culture: Analysis of the Process of Shanxi Folk Song Animation Series
Dong Lirong

Case Study Column Host: Li Yun
80 From Small Matters We can See Something Great: Interior Design for Small Dwelling-Size Apartments
Tian Yuan
Yang Wei
82 The Characteristic of Cross-disciplinary and Co-design Clothing Design Research Project "Design for Ageing Well" in the UK
Wang Lu
84 The Application of Color Image in Package Design of Cosmetics
Wang Zhenhua
Wan Qing
86 Research Summary on Character, Color and Layout Design for the Elders
Yang Zhi
88 The Style Intermixing in Early Disney Animations:Take Dumbo for Example
Zhang Gang
90 The Packaging Design of Chinese Elements under the Cross-Cultural Background: Take the Tax-Free Product for Example
Sun Yong
92 The Destructive Design for Creative Cloth
Zhang Jingjie
94 Presuming the Nature:the Analysis of Chi Wing Lo's Naturalistic Furniture Design
Chen Xiaowei

History of Art and Design Column Host: Zhou Zhi

96 Analysis about the Chinese Localization of Gold and Silver Ware in Song Dynasty and Its Cause of Formation
Deng Lili
Gu Ping
98 On the Art of Central and West Muslim Culture in Changsha Kiln Porcelain Reproduction
Hu Youhui
100 Reserch on Xianzhen Dress of Taoism: Take Lü Dongbin for Example
Liu Ke
102 The Formand Decorative Arts of Ceramic Mug in Republic of China
Liu Xiaorong
Zhan Chao
104 The Dragon Pattern Research in Buddhist Statues Dating from the Northern and Southern Dynasties to Sui and Tang Dynasties Period
Peng Yanning

Folk Art and Culture Column Host: Huang Ye

106 The Concept That Anima Exists in All Things and Its Visual Symbolisation in "Sweeping Village" Ritual of Huayao People
Hu Yunbin
108 Unity of Painting and Embroidery,Cultural Content and Artistic Feature of White Trouser Yao Ethnic Group
Li Yari
111 Investigate Dong-women's Costume in GaiBao Village of ShangZhong Town in Southeast GuiZhou
Zhang Guoyun
114 The Mold Esthetics and The Industrialization of Moutain Lion Dance in Guangning
Lin Qiang

Teaching Archive Column Host: Zhu Liang

116 Exploration on Teaching Mode of Cultivation of Multiple Absorptivity and Individualized Ideation
Zheng Zhaohui
118 "Multiple Compound-Capability Independent Architecture" Training Model of the Idea and Implementation: The Research and Practice of the National Grade Profession Construction at the Department of Industrial Design in ZZULI
Ren Jianjun
120 Direction of the Packaging Design Professional Computer-aided Design Curriculum System
Ke Shenghai
122 An Exploration of Experiential Learning Cycle Circle on Education of Lighting Design
Ma Li

Colleges Column Host: Yu Qin

125 The 16th Asian Games' Fashion Uniforms Analyzing from the Perspective of Lingnan Culture 
Jin Hui
Cai Yangyong

127 3D Digital Art Application in Packing Design:With 3D Effect Expression in the Packing Design of "Qicong Biscuits" as An Example
Luo Zhehui
129 Inheritance and Innovation in the Glass Decration Works of Morris & Co.  
Huang Jiqian
131 Cultural Integration and Historical Construction:  Architecture and Decoration Art In the Catholic Church 
Wei Leping
Chen Haifeng
133 A Construction Sequence of Products Identity System  
Yang Daoling
135 Diversification and Internationalization: Analysis on Woman's Fashionable Shoulder Shapes in 2007-2011
Wu  Jun
Liu Jieyu
137 The Application of QR Code in Branded Outfits Marketing & Promotion  
Zhao Yingzi
139 Tudor Royal Costume in Portraiture 
Li Weixian
Qiao Feinan
141 Lacquer Painting by He Xinwen 
142 Product Design by Yang Daoling 
143 Photography by Cheng Weixin 
144 Visual Design by Wang Lei 






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