No.197 | September 2009 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-11-30
Special Scheme: National Image
Information Space
5          Exhibition Information, Competiton Information, Industry News
            Yun Li
8          Overseas Information
             Yue Junyao
10        New Books
             Yun Li
12        Book Review
             Chen Anying
Special Scheme: National Image
15        Design for National Image
             Hang Jian
17        Wu Lao and Exhibition Design of New China
             Edited by Zhu Liang
20        Few Memory about Jianguoci——Interview of a participator, Jin Baosheng
             Interviewer: Zhao Wenbing & Zhao Hua Script by Zhao Wenbing
23        Design for Nationality——Interview of one designer of Ten Great Buildings, Chang Shana
             Interviewer: Zhao Wenbing & Zhao Hua Script by Zhao Wenbing
27        Casting National Image in Graphic Design——Interview of Chen Hanmin
             Interview: Zhao Wenbing & Zhao Hua Script by Zhao Hua
30        The Architectural Design Process of The Chairman Mao Memorial Hall
             Edited by Zhu Liang
33        Organic Integration & Benign Cycle——Prof. Zhang Qiman Talked about National Image and Environmental Art Design
             Interviewer: Zhao Wenbing & Zhao Hua Script by Zhao Hua
37        National Image Made for the World——Interview of Designers from The Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University Involved in the Beijing Olympic Games
             Interviewer: Zhou Zhi, Tian Jun & Li Yun Edited by Zhou Zhi
44        Develop Design Level and Upgrade National Image
             Interviewer: Zhou Zhi & Zhu Liang Edited by Zhou Zhi
China Creative Industry Park
48        The Fashion Road of 518——Shenzhen F518 Park
             Interviewer: Zhu Liang & Huang Dequan Writer: Huang Dequan
Overseas Trend
54        Anti-technological avant-garde design in the 19th and late 20th century: Arts and Crafts and Dutch Postmodernism Ⅱ
             J.W. Drukker Marjolein van Velzen   Translated by Teng Xiaobo
Exhibition in Paper
64        Work Selection from “The Exhibition of Qin Han and Roman Civilizations”
72        Observe the Apparel Difference of the Two Great Civilizations from “ The Exhibition of Qin Han and Roman Civilizations”
             Zhao Yanglu
Scholars’ Inquiry
74        The Presentation of City Landscape
             Zheng Shuyang & Zheng Tianxin
Teaching Archive
80        The 3D Teaching Mode of “ Teaching, Production and Learning”——Example of the Course on Apparel Color
             Chen Xu
82        On the Necessity of Setting a Course on Design Anatomy
             Zhang Yi & Qi Xu
84        Structural Design Sketch
             Hu Wenguang
86        The World in a Box——A Brief Discussion of the New Application of Microcosmic Models in Landscape Teaching
             Yang Yinbing
Design Theory
88        Re-understand the Basic Color Theory at the Conceptual Level
             Wang Xinfu
90        30-Year Reading——A Review of the Book Design in the 30 Years since China’s Opening and Reform
             Wang Jianbin, Wang Jia & Wang Mogen
92        Clothes Industry in the Context of Financial Crisis——New Strategies of Clothing Brand
             Lu Min & Wang Jian
94        Reflection and Reconstruction of the Artistic Quality of Modern Design
             Wang Zhan
Case Study
96        Book Design in the Age of Interactive Experience
            Guo Sha & Chen Xinhua
98        Film Language Applied in the Architectural Animation: Research and Prospect
             Wu Zhanwei
100      The Client-based Interactive Interface Design of Light Rail Transit in Hamburg, Germany
             Liu Qing & Xue Chengqi ( Germany ) Falk Hoehn
102      The Function of Research on Measuring Eye Movement in the Value Evaluation of Packaging Design
             Zhao Weijun
Design Practice
104      The Architectural Design of the New Village in the North-West of Guangxi Blending with Ganlan-style Residential Architecture Art
             Luo Qilian
106      The Collage of Landscape
             Cai Sha
Folk Customs and Art
108      The Intellectual Property Protection of Folk Fine Art——Example of Wood Carved Mask of Zhouguantun Village
             Niu Jiaming
110      Feature Analysis of Shanxi Stone Lion Head Decoration for Kang
             Zhu Jinhui
112      Custom of Praying for the Auspicious and Happy, Symbol of Life Aesthetics——The Beam Culture of Civil Residence of Tujia Nationality
             Xiang Yungen
114      The Evolution of Spirit and Form——The Cultural Background of Liangping New Yea Woodcut in Chongqing
             Huang Zoulin & Ouyang Fangyi
117      The Development of Lacquer Line Carving in Xiamen
             Xu Guangpei
120      The Traditional Gold Earring Art of the Uigur nationality
             Rena Maimaiiti
Space of History and Theory
122      The Three Prime Periods in the History of French Tapestry Art
             Zhu Chongshou
Characteristic of Colleges
125      Thoughts over the Reform of Teaching Art Design
             Ling Shiyi
127      Looking at the Understanding of Happiness of Eastern Han People from Nanyang Stone Image
             Yang Gang
130      Cartoons of Drama Creatively Changing Traditional Drama Art
             Gao Lin
132      On the Primitive Packaging Design Returning to the Nature
             Hu Yanzhen
135      Poster——Graphic Demonstration of Human Technology Development
             Hao Mijia
137      The “ Individual-Centered” Modernist Design
             Nan Zheng
140      The Charm of Bionic Design of Traditional Lamps and Lanterns
             Wang Dakai
142      Choosing of Sound——The Integration of Picture and Music in Animated Cartoon
             Wang Qiulan



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