No.198 | October 2009 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-11-30
Special Scheme: Best Book Design
Information Space
5          Exhibition Information, Conference Information, Industry News, Competiton Information, Academy News
             Yun Li
         The First Art Historian Conference of Poland to China Convoked in Krakow
             Chen Chiyu
10        Overseas Information
             Yue Junyao
12        New Books
             Yun Li
13        Book Review
             Yang Quanqiang
Special Scheme: Best Book Design
15        The Conversazione on “Best book Design”
             Edited by Zhu Liang
24        One Book, One World——"Best Book Design from All Over the World" & "The Beauty of Books in China"
             Interviewer: Zhao Hua & Zhu Liang Edited by Zhao Hua
34        "Best Book Design" and the Rule of Book Design ——Interview with Yu Bingnan
             Interviewer: Tian Jun, Zhao Hua, Zhu Liang Edited by Tian Jun
38        Chronology of Book Design in China & Other Nations
             Edited by Zhou Zhi & Li Yun
Scholars’ Inquiry
48        Reflections on the Research of Book Binding History
             Su Quanyou
Exhibition in Paper
52        Child Heart & Mediative Mind——Works Select of Liu Jude Illustration Exhibition
             Edit: Zhou Zhi
56        The Song of Wan Man——Maryn Varbanov and the Chinese Avant –Garde in the 1980s An Archival and
             Educational Exhibition
             Provided by China Academy of Art    Written by Li Shengzhao   Edited by Li Yun
Contemporary Figure
64        Occident Material & Yamato Spirit——Interview with Kuroki Kuniaki, Japanese Glass Artist
             Zhou Rong
68        The Losing "Friendship Typeface"
             Yu Bingnan
China Creative Industry Park
70        The Loft on the Bank of Canal——Impression of Creative Industry Park "Loft 49" &"Ideal 166 Loft" in
             Interviewer: Zhao Wenbing Teng Xiaobo    Written by Zhao Wenbing
Case Study
78        The Packaging Design Strategies for the Vision-Impaired Groups
             Wang Jianmin
80        Analysis of the Planning and Design of Urban Open Space Based on the Built Environment Evaluation——
             A Case Study of Built Environment Evaluation of a Neighborhood Park  and its Residents’ Behavior Model
             Zhao Xiumin
82        A Re-Reading of Guernica——Views on Artistic Creation of Interactive Public Art
             Li Jun
84        Interpret Fashion Illustration
             Wu Bo & Wang Donghui
Design Practice
86        Urban Forest——My Several Pieces of Fumishings
             Liu Xianghua
Design Theory
88        Research of Consumer-Orientation in the Construction of Product Identity
             Zhang Linghao
90        Discussion of Immaterial characters of material in Product Design
             Xiang Wei
92        Design Is An Attitude——Discussion of Laszlo Moholy Nagy’s Thoughts of Design Education
             Zhang Xuezhong
Teaching Archive
94        The France Education Ideas and Project Mode
             Wang Xiaoyu
96        A Study on Creative Training Model of Advertising Animation
             Xia Yingchong & Li Juan
98        The Construction of the New Teaching System of Product Semantics According to the Time
             Ni Han
100      The Importance of Visual Training in Design Base Teaching
             Shi Yuling
Folk Customs and Art
102      Study on the Faces Pattern of Liangshan Real Men in Gansu
             Kang Xiaohua
104      Research on the Guandu Chair in the Northwest of Hubei
             Wang Zhanbei
106      A Study of Old Playhouse Art in Wujiang River Basin Ethnic Areas
             Yu Jiping
Space of History and Theory
110      How the“ Li” Creates——Two Charts and One Logical Table
             Lian Mian
113      Study on the Ornament Form of Bronze Mirror in Tang Dynasty
             Yin Chunjie
116      The Born of “ Design”  in Modern China
             Sun Haiying
118      Metalware Art of Post-modernism
             Zhou Shangyi
120      Tendency of Stone Relief Art Idea in Northern Shaanxi——Study on the Guard Gods of Suide Yanjiacha
             Wang Juan
122      The Comparative Study of Relief Stone Sculpture in Shandong Jiaxiang and Henan Nanyang
             Li Yuehong
Characteristic of Colleges
125      On Designing Orderly for the Layout of Package Design
             Zhang Jianchun
127      Entering the Market Correctly and Effectively——Brand Positioning and Strategies for Small Businesses
             Chen Jun
129      On Ethical Conciousness in Package Design
             Gao Ying
131      Living Wisdom in Zhoushan Traditional Folk Housing Architecture
             Zhu Liping
133      Platform Toy Design from Popular Culture’s Viewpoint
             Xia Jie
135      Analysis on Performance Characteristic and Development Trend in Network Visual Symbols
             Sun Wei
137      Creating a Brand Image in Business Development
             Lan Hui
139      The Designing Strategy of Personified Performance Art of Animals in Animations
             Qian Bohong & Zheng Fangxiao
141      Growth and Integration of Traditional Architectural Art in Moderm Landscape Design Base on the Local
             Climate of Zhejiang and Anhui
              Lui Hua
143      The Teaching Experience of  "Design Based Expression"
              Xu Anbing



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