No.226 | February 2012 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2012-04-08

News and Events Column Host: Li Xin
5 Briefing, News
10 Overseas Information
12 New Design
13 Recommended Reading

Charm of Lacquerware Column Host: Zhou Zhi
14 Usage is the Lifeline of Lacquer Culture
Jiang Li
17 A Gracefully Styled Craftsman: Interview of Prof. Liang Yuan, the Lacquer Artists
Interviewor: Zhou Zhi, Huang Dequan Editor: Zhou Zhi
22 Lacquer and Objects, Funcitionality and Beauty: Works of Contemporary Young Lacquer Artists in China
Editor: Zhou Jianshi, Zhou Zhi
34 From Using to Appreciation: A Brief History of Chinese Lacquerwares
Han Qian

Exhibition on Paper Column Host: Zhao Hua
42 Lacquer Art Culture Inheriting:Japanese Lacquer Art "Living National Treasure" and Their Works
Zhou Jianshi

International Scholars Column Host: Li Yun
52 The Battle between Ethics and Aesthetics: Design Criticism from a Functionalist and Postmodernist Perspective (2)
J.W. Drukker, Translator: Teng Xiaobo

Front Line Column Host: An Ying
62 Young Man in the "Hall of Fame" Written by Wang Yun
Interviewed by Fang Xiangfeng Wang Yun & Zhu Liang

Book Review Column Host: Huang Ye
68 Design Axiology: Depth of the Design Philosophy
Yuan Xiaoli

Essay Column Host: Zhu Liang
70 Pop Art in Mexico
Tang Wei

Practice Column Host: Tian Jun
73 On Immersive Experience of Digital Media Interactive Art
Chai Qiuxia
76 "Symbiosis" Design Thinking in Packaging Design
He Xiangwen
79 Study on Colors of High-voltage Electricity Transmission Towers Based on Landscape Coordination
Yin Chuanyin Zhou Jing
82 The Creation of School DV Drama Based on CG Technology:The Design Process of DV Drama Light Body
Deng Wuying Zhao Ronghao

History of Art and Design Column Host: Zhou Zhi
84 To Trace the Origin of Kame’s Plastic Arts in Qin and Han Dynasties
Hu Xiaoli Shen Hong
86 The Analysis of the Meaning of Fish-shaped Decoration’s Moiré
Li Yanfeng
88 Probing the Main Styles of Women Dress in Late Qing Dynasty, Beijing Area
Tan Yi
90 Orphism and Modern Design
Wang Yazhu
92 The Social Changes in Inscriptions of Traditional Arts and Crafts
Zhou Bo
94 Discussion on Beast Image of Sogdian Tombs in China
Sun Wujun

Case Study Column Host: Li Yun
96 Less is More: Explore the Single Scenario of Animation
Li Wei
98 Reference and Creation: Study on the Fusion of Comic Art and Film Narrative Skills from Prince of Devils
Gao Yongli
100 Research on the Basic Characteristics Dynamic Perception of Urban Landscape
Chen Qi
102 An Analysis on the Emotional Design Principles of Children Furniture
Tong Li
104 Application Research of Code Art Based on Processing
Tan Liang

Folk Art and Culture Column Host: Huang Ye
106 A Study of Plastic Arts on Yantai Window Apron
Zhang Lili Li Qiang
108 Semi-Marketing Brush Industry Competition and Reconstruction of Power Order: From the
Perspective of Social Exchange Theory on Wengang Brush Industry
Liu Aihua Ai Yawei
110 Xinjiang Traditional Festivities in Farmer’s Consciousness Change
Zhang Huaishui
112 Analysis on Cultural Connotation of the Fengxiang Woodblock Printed New Year Pictures since Modern Times
Chen Hong
114 Blue Calico and Folk Culture in Nantong
Wu Yuanxin Wu Lingshu

Teaching Archive Column Host: Zhu Liang
116 The Demonstration of the Education Reformation of Industrial Design of China: Based on the Perspective of External Factors
Zhong Hui Zhang Yanjie
118 The Innovative Research for the Course of Animation Planar Formation
Mai Jiexin
120 Method and Revelation of Design Management Education in Japan
Zhang Liwei
122 Transformation of Soma Cube: The Application of 3D Tangram in the Course of Three-Dimensional Constitution
Wang Lei

Colleges Column Host: Yu Qin
125 The Specific Way of Education in Fine Arts and Design for Local Comprehensive Universities: Take Guangzhou Universities for Example
Wang Xiaoshu
127 Applying Traditional Art of Porcelain Inlays to Modern Design
Lu Xiaogen
129 Top Grade Development:New Method of Inheritance of the Canton Embroidery
Yang Xiaoqi Hu Dafen
131 Emotional Enjoyment And Rational Improvement:Culture Traits of Guang-fu’s Folk Artistic Handicrafts
Wang Dan
133 Impression of Cheng Wen's Duan Inkstone
Li Ruiwen
135 Study & Thinking on The Five Aesthetic Characteristics of Modern Ceramics
Liu Feifei
137 New Perspective of Household Souvenir Design
Zhan Wu
139 Rethinking of Instruction Reform and Curriculum Design of Industry Design in Guangdong Province
Xiao Yanqin
141 To Demonstrate the Spiritual Keynote of Modern Package Design
Shan Xiaotong
143 Subjective Choice and Active Participation: The Application Characteristics of
Digital Media Designing on Network Business Platform
Hu Pengfei


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