No.225 | January 2012 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2012-02-16

News and Events
5 Briefing, News
10 Overseas Information
12 New Design
13 Recommended Reading

Is Design Criticism Possible?
14 Design Criticism Based on National Strategy of Sustainable Development
Zheng Shuyang
19 Decoration, Plastic Arts or Design?
Liu Guanzhong
23 Do We Need Original Design:What We Can Learn From the Scandal of DaVinci Furniture Ltd.
Nie Ying
27 When Design History Meets Feminist Criticism
Yuan Xiyang
32 Critical Enlightenment for Chinese Design
Lu Ying
36 Revaluation: The Possibility of Design Criticism
Dong Hongxia

Exhibition on Paper
40 Dragon Totem
Lu Han Liu Tianyong
48 Material Traversing: The Fifth International“Creative Future:Decorative Material Creation Camp”
Provided by Yang Dongjiang

International Scholars
52 The Battle between Ethics and Aesthetics: Design Criticism from a Functionalist and Postmodernist Perspective (1)
J.W. Drukker, Translator: Teng Xiaobo

Book Review
60 Study History with Questions
Fang Xiaofeng

62 The Thinking of Chinese Bamboo Furniture Design: After the Visit of Beijing International Design Triennial
Wang Fenghu Shi Di

Narrative Column
64 Creating Brilliant Achivements in the Historical Opportunities: Yin Dingbang Reviews the Design Education of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Recorded by Zhang Youyun & Yang Liu

Front Line
66 Stay to Be Pure: Wang Yutao and His Beautyberry
Written by Wang Xingyu Interviewed by Wang Xingyu & Zhu Liang

History of Art and Design
71 Comparing the Origin and Trend of Glass in Han Dynasty and Roman Empire
Zhu Wentao
74 Studies of “Champion Parade” Babu Bed of Ming Dynasty
Fu Jiang Zhang Mangmang
76 Investigation of Dragon Culture and Jade Dragon’s Shape and Decoration in Spring and Autumn Period from Nanyang, Henan Province
Jiang Fujian
78 Land of Ten Thousand FU: Explain the Bat Pattern in the Mansion of Prince Gong
Wu Wei Zhang Zhiyan
80 Discussion on the Inscription of Mansheng Kettle
Li Jing

Case Study
82 Graphic Creativity in Virtual and Realistic Context: The Graphic Design in Film Avatar
Zhang Qingrong Feng Dakang
84 Learn and Format the Time: Brief Analysis of Time Expression in Infographic Design
Wan Changlin
86 The New Perspective of Advertising Photography under Surrealism Technique
Hu Gangfeng
88 Harmony but not Sameness: Values Analysis on the 2010 Seoul Design Fair’s Fashion Show
Wu Bo
90 Research on Neo-Chinese Style in Architecture
Zhou Liang Guo Xianlu
92 Spatial Analysis of Hangzhou Southern Song Imperial Street Public Art and Culture Corridor
Zhang Xinyu Wu Jian

94 New Materials and the Innovation of Clothing
Yang Jing
97 Exploring Value of Digital Tool from Cultural Pattern: Take Breathing Life into Cultural Heritage for Example
Wu Jiayu
100 The Application of Difference Threshold in the Logo Image Continuity Design
Huang Benliang
103 Research on Applying Southern Zhejiang JiaXie Culture into Tourist Souvenir Design
Hu Wenchao Yang Congfeng

Folk Art and Culture
106 The History of Kongming Lantern and Its Culture Evolution
Bai Xin Li Lina
108 Lengthy Local Plastic Truth: The Artistic Characteristics and Cutlural Connotations of Shanxi WenXi Flower Fun
Yan Xiaohua
110 Line Cutting & Doublet Structure: A Study of Chinese Ethnic Costume’s Structure
Zhao Ming
113 Rich Ancientry and Fragrant Indigenous Flavor: A Study of Miao Nationlity Special Paper—cut in Xiangxi
He Xinwen
116 The Reasons of Opera Character Decoration at Jieshou Color Pottery and Its Features
Gao Feng

Teaching Archive
118 From Seek Design Problem To Verify Design: Creative Thinking Training in Product Design Teaching
Bian Kun
120 From Teaching Innovative Thinking of Zodiac Decorative Pattern Reseach Materials Application in the Decorative Graphics
Wang Li
122 Self,Aesthetics and Creation: The Exploration and Practic of Design Sketch Teaching
Zhang Xuan

125 Perspective on Crafts Workshops and Culture Heritage from the Angle of Industrialized
Li Yun
127 Unscrambling the Unique Magic of Hollowed-out Art and Its Application in Landscape
Tang Juhong Zhou Xi
129 The Reflection and Design for Five Minutes Waiting for Meal
Liu Jinbao
131 The Publishing and Sale Strategy Analysis of Original 3D TV Cartoon BA MAN
Qin Jie
133 On Reform and Practice in Teaching of Art Design in Fine Art Department of Yangtze Normal University
Pan Dengfu
135 Look at Decoration Painting Theme Selection and Spatial Situation Build Effect from Graduate Education
Tan Jun
137 Analysis on Tujiazu Folk Furniture Aesthetic Features
Yan Danting
139 Application of Ornamental Perforated Windows of Historic Garden in Modern Landscape Design
Wu Qintao
141 On Enlightenment of Post-impressionism and Cubism’s Paint Structure for Design Sketch
Yan Chong
143 Visual Symbol Interaction in the Teaching of Planar Formation
Liu Yuan


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