No.214 | February 2011 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2012-01-08

News and Events
5 Briefing, News
8 Overseas Information
10 New Design
11 Recommended Reading

Charm of Commonplace
12 About the Charm of Commonplace
Zhao Jian
16 Charm of Commonplace: From the Side of Invention
Dai Wusan
20 The Beauty is Contained in Commonplace: The Aesthetic Characteristics of Daily Use in Japan
Zhang Fuye
24 Taking Daily Use as the "logos" of Design: On "Taking the Small Path to Reach"
Li Lixin
27 The Unity of Workmanship and Technique: See the Beauty of Daily Utensils from Bamboo-Weaving Drink Ware
Zhang Lili
30 Eight Storys of Daily Necessities
New Year Scheme
38 Delicacies from Land and Sea: A Creative Menu for the 2011 Spring Festival Eve

Exhibition on Paper
46 Starting Point for Ambitious: "The Start of a Long Journey: the First Exhibition of Outstanding Works by 2010 Graduates from Key Art Institutions of Higher Education in China"
Written by Liang Wen Picture Editor: Su Xuejing

International Scholars
56 Social Innovations and Regional Acupuncture Towards Sustainability (1)
François Jégo Translator: Li Dan

Design Collection
62 Heart of Playfulness: Portrayal of a Digner’s Life and His Collection
Interviewer: Zhou Zhi & Zhu Liang Script: Chen Nan Editor: Zhou Zhi

68 Jean Souverbie, The Mentor of Wu Guanzhong
Zhu Chongshou

70 Generate New Excitement of Contemporary Art in Public Space: Public Art in Liverpool Biennial
Ling Min

Book Review
72 A Important Ceramic Monographs Works in Late Qing Dynasty: Concerning Ceramic Elegant's Value
Zhou Sizhong Luo Qian

Case Study
75 Surface and Tectonics of New Century: Shanghai Expo
Zhuo Min
77 Visual Identification Design and Application of the Concept of Gene Identification Based on Information Design
Huang Jing
79 The Birth of a Nation Totem: Statue of Liberty in the Context of Transition in the Dissemination and Value Generation
Qiao Qian Wang Yi
81 The Formal Beauty of Shigeo Fukuda’s Poster Design
Yuan Enpei Li Shuang
83 Designer Activation Method within Japanese Enterprise
Zhang Liwei

86 The Uncertainty Analysis of Garment Pattern Based on Artistic Emotion
Li Huaqi
88 Research on the Dynamic Design of Modern Logo Graphic
Sun Shunyao

Design Theory
90 What Catches Our Eyes?: Semiotic Research on the Advertisement of Budweiser
Chi Honglei Shao Jianwei
92 Analysis on Assistant Guiding Design of Subway Platform
Guo Zhiyong
94 Innovations from the Use of Resin Impregnate Reconstituted Lumber in Art Design
Liu Guan
96 Discussion of Multi-sensory Expression in Modern Packaging Design
Chen Yingyan Li Manli

History of Art and Design
98 “Picturesque” Idea: the Imitation and Variation of Chinese Garden
Tian Chun
100 The Sacred "Making" : Insight into the Legends and History of Brush Manufacture
Ai Yawei Liu Aihua
102 The Influence of Textile Schemata on Matisse's Artistic Style
Guang Tongmin
104 Preliminary Analysis on the Impact of Society and Modern Aesthetic Characteristics on Fashion
Lü Chaoya
106 Interpretation of the “Root in Use”
Pan Tianbo Hu Yukang

Teaching Archive
108 Build a Charming Museum for Students: Reflections on Compiling of University Teaching Material for Modern Design History
Tang Shengtian Tao Ke
110 Traditional Gardening Practices of Academic Resources for the Core Teaching of Radiation
Liu Xianghua
112 Importing the Concept of Culture Heritage into Digital Animation Teaching: A Case Study of Chu Culture Heritage
Pan Feng

Folk Art and Culture
114 On the Totem Adorement Pattern Designs of Ruyuan Yao Nationality
Li Jieyi
116 Develop Broomcorn straw Product of Liaoning by Applying Systematic Design of The Product
Kong Xiangfu
118 Symbol of Life Glory: Artistic Representation of Atayal Face tattoos
Liu Shujuan
120 The Window Lattices Art of Dunhou House in Shanxi Wang’s Grand Courtyard
Liu Dongxia
122 Trouble and Embarrassment in Modern Change of Chinese Traditional Cultural Resources:Take an Example of Ninigou in Huaiyang Henan
Sang Lin

125 Urban Color Planning and Harmonious Adjustment Research
Li Juan Ying Yiwen
127 The Discussion of the Chinese Font Design for Screen Display
Lin Xi
129 A Study on Development and Education of Application Animation
Xia Yingchong
131 Analysis of the Development Mode of Animation and Cartoon Derivative Products
Xu Yuzhong Zhang Zhenxing
133 Material Using of Wedding Candy Packaging
Zhu Yuyuan Zhang Yeying
135 The New Crisis and Phase of Sustainable Protocol: The Explanation of Cradle to Cradle
Cao Zhikui Huang Yuanfu Zhou Jian
137 A Research of Integration Innovation in New Product Development
Hu Yichuan Luo Bin Zhang Shuai
139 Primary Discussion of Project Teaching Methodology Reform in Environment Design
Lü Weilu Huang Yun Liu Fei
141 Memory Arouses Shape: Memory Applied to Product Design
Lü Xin Ye Xiao
143 Ugly also Beautiful: Cultural Psychology Clairvoyance of "Ugliness-Enjoying View" in 3D Animation
Chen Bin Fan Liming


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