No.215 | Match 2011 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2012-01-08


News and Events
5 Briefing, News
8 Overseas Information
10 New Design
11 Recommended Reading

Fashion & Humanities
12 Architecture: Fashion or Eterna
Fang Xiaofeng
18 About Fashion
20 Fashion Criticism
Lars Svendsen Translator:Li Yun
24 Fashion, Clothing and Identity: a Modern Contradiction
Joanne Entwistle Translator : Zhou Zhi
29 There is a beauty:Essay of the Portrait of Beauty in All Ages
Yang Zhishui
35 The Usual life and Fashion of Daihou Family in Mawangdui Heritage
Chen Jian

Scholar's Inquiry
38 Investigation on the Origination of Chinese Heiti
Li Shaobo

Exhibition on Paper
44 Gentle Nature:Female of Contemporary Industrial Designers
Edited:Zhao Hua

International Scholars
52 Social Innovations and Regional Acupuncture Towards Sustainability (2)
François Jégo Translator: Li Dan

Design Collection
58 Intervention & Regeneration: Xu Lan and His Collection of Note
Interviewer: Zhu Liang & Zhou Zhi Writor: Zhu Liang

Book Review
62 When Individual Case Turn into Publicness:About Wu Guanzhong's Artistic Thought & Writing
Dao Zi

64 Contemporary Culture Value and Significance Between the Artist Han Meilin and Cave Art of the Helan Mountain
Zou Wen
66 My Opinion of Japanese Design
Hilano Takuo Translator:Jiang Hongbin Proofreader:Qi Meijing

68 God Helps Those Who Help Thenselves: Zhu Yunqin and Her Works
He Yanming

History & Theory of Art and Design
70 The Small Decoration in the Layout of Xixia Document
Wang Yanyun
72 Research on construction of knowledge map in industrial design
Wang Zhongyuan
74 Dimensional Analysis of Public art Development Path
He Xiaoqing
77 Research on a Robe with Upper and Lower Unearthed from the No.1 Chu Tomb at Jiangling Mashan
Jia Xizeng Li Dangqi

Teaching Archive
82 New Pattern of Postgraduate Teaching:Characterized by Interdisciplinary Subject Combination
Dong Meihong
84 The Inspirations Drawn from the Successful Experience of the Preservation Educaationg in the United States to the Counterpart in China
Wang Ning
86 Reviews :Folk Art Graphic Language Used in Modern Design Teaching Practice
Zhao Huixin
88 The Conversion of Design Educational Thought from Formation to Connotation
Zhou Jiale Cheng Cheng

Folk Art and Culture
90 The Ancestral Temple of Heyang and Its Culture
Zhou Bin
93 The Preliminary Probing into the Clothes Art Characteristics of Changjiao Miao Nationality
Xing Yu
96 The Research of Local Uighurs Decoratire Pattern
Yan Zhengyuan

Case Study
98 Seat of Design in Open Space from the Perspective of Privacy
Jing Feng
101 The Revolutionary Design of "RIBO" Group's New VI
Chen Bingyu
103 The Unfamiliar Design of Relation between Chinese Style Patterns and Linguistic Contex: The Analysis on Vivienne Tam’s Fashion Designs
Chen Dan Li Weixian
105 Application of Finite Element Analysis to Design a Piece of Furniture
Dong Sun Qian Yun Guo Kai Zhu Lin
107 Research of the Metaphor Design Model in Web Interactive Interface
Meng Pei Wang Yi
109 Reactionary of Culture Industry:The Design of Oiva Toikka’s Glass Birds
Peng Zanbin Yu Qinghua
111 The Non-visual Elements of Northern Europe’s Creating Art with the Architecture’s lace Sense
Wen Yabin Wang Ying Zhou Shu
113 Space and Interaction in Poster Message
Cui Hao
115 The Overall Design Concept:the Ideal Landscape Connecting the Urban and Rural Life
Hao Weiguo Dong Ya

118 Design and Application of Raschel Lace in Sling Night Skirt
Chen Shan
120 Environmental Protection Image of Illustration Painted for Souvenirs Entomologiques
Xiao Yong
122 Integration of Sports Culture and Local Culture: Visual Landscape Design of Athletes Village in the Guangzhou Asian Games City of the 16th Asian Game
Li Yongjun Shen Ting
125 Attempt Introduce DIY Idea to Graduation Design Teaching Han Zhaohui
127 From Unacceptable to Game:Discussion of Female Consciousness Changing from Sanitary Towel Advertisement
Zhu Xin
129 Modern Design Application of Jiarong Residential Decoration of Tibetan Nationality
Zeng Yundong
131 Odd Number and Even Number in the Design Domain
Xu Bianjiang
133 Research and Thought on Current Situation of the So-called Ecology in Commercial Exhibition Designs
Yang Guojie
135 The History of Rotoscoping and the Study of Its Possible Development for Animation
Zeng Zhaohui
137 On the Unique Color Culture of Packaging Design in Tourist Commoditieg
Hu Rongkui
139 The Creation of HDRI and the Use in 3D Render
Li Jiahui
141 Imitation of Nature:The New Design Philosophy of Chinese Furniture
Wang Xibin
143 The Inspiration of the Inkstone Phenomenon Effects on Building the Guangdong to be Strong Cultural Province
Liang Shan


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