No.216 | April 2011 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2012-01-08

News and Events
5 Briefing, News
8 Overseas Information
10 New Design
11 Recommended Reading

Contemporary Celadon
12 Three Question on Longquan: Thinking about the Celadon Industry of Longquan
Zhou Zhi
20 Glaze Emotion & Iron Body: the Present and the Past of Longquan Celadon
Zhang Xing
24 “Story of Celadon”: Works of Young Ceramic Artists
30 Glance at the Development of Celadon in Ancient China
Liu Wei Liu Yue

International Scholars
38 Architecture and the Virtual:Towards a New Materiality(1)
Antoine Picon Translator: Liang Wen

Exhibition on Paper
44 Retro Blowing:Paris Fashion Week Autumn / Winter 2011
Written by Li Wei Photo by Xu Lezhong & Xie Weiwen

Scholar's Inquiry
54 Tyrian Purple Dyeing History of Ancient
Zheng Juxin Lu Yue

58 Ponders Over the Quilting Art of America
Tang Xinxing

60 Hu Meisheng and His Works
Ding Yin

Design Collection
62 Research on Metal Technics and Design:Tang Xuxiang and His Collections
Interviewer & Editor: Huang Dequan

The Trail of Beijing International Design Triennial
67 The Memorabilia Beijing International Design Triennial (1)
68 Interview with Mr. Liu Xiaokang, Curator of Beijing International Design Triennial
Interviewer: Li Xin

Folk Art and Culture
71 The Artistic Characteristics of Peach Blossom in Huangmei and Huayao
Liu Zhaohui
73 Explorations and Studies on Headband Pattern of Basha Miao Village in Guizhou
Duan Xiaoyun Wang Yingli
76 Inornate Essence and Design Ethic Value of Folks Making Thing Thinking: With Handicraft of “Yi Xing Zhang” Daokou Carbonado for Example
Zhu Hongxuan
78 Research on Xinjiang Traditional Folk Copper Pot
Ren Wenjie

History of Art and Design
80 The Analysis of Shanghai Private Park Operating Characteristics and Reasons for the Thriving in Late Qing Dynasty
Zhang Fanwen
82 Modernity & Cultural Logic of Pixar Animation
Hou Wenhui
84 Research on the System of Fuzhou Lacquerware Operations
Zhang Jian
86 Looking into the Future:Reading "5 Key Design Trends” in David Report
Wang Xiaochun
88 Embodied Vision:The New Media Revolution in Graphic Design
Zhao Zhan
90 The Architecture Decoration of the State Tretyakov Gallery
Yuan Yuan
93 The Decoration of Proto-porcelain and Image Analytical of the Snakes Totem in the Yue Kingdom
Wang Huiwen

Case Study
96 Research on the Geriatric Cellular Phones Design:Use of ARCCI(Capita) Mobile Phones as an Example
Xu Feng
98 The Research on the Application of Analogy Ideas in Visual Language in Das Auto's Advertisements
Cui Yong
100 The Brand Power of “Nothing Yielding Fruit”: About the Road of Brand Design of “No Brand”
Zhou Xu Li Jing
102 The Rhetoric and Producing of Space:The Visual Political Economic Research on IKEA
Zhao Bin
104 The Interactive Design of Exhibition in Modern Museum
Huang Xin Li Nüxian
106 The Expression of Lacquer of Tang Mingxiu
Zhi Bingshan

109 Application of the Co-Structure Methods of Chinese Character and Building in Architecture Design:Take a Sample as the Planning of Shaping XiangXiu New Commercial Street
Li Yan Chen Jixiang Sun Shunyao Shen Zhu
112 The Door on the Mobius Ring:A Four-Dimensional Space Program
Lei Ying Xiao Hanjiang
114 Simple Analysis on Regeneration of Miao National Minority Embroidery Craft in the Digitizing Embroidery Technology
Xu Bin Li Youyou
116 The Transformation from Tradition to Contemporary in Lacquer Art
Jiang Wen

Teaching Archive
118 Create the Track of Fashion:A Comparative View on the Teaching of Jewellery Design in Saint Matins College of Art and Design
Ma Yao
120 Innovative Practice about Abstract Geometric Graphics in Decoration Teaching
Wang Li
122 Integrated,Experiencing,Opened: Enlightenment from the Two Schools Design Practice Exchange Activities
Zou Yang Chen Feihu Zou Jun

125 Exploration of the Comfort of Beijing’s Residential District in Design
Wang Tiecheng
127 The Inchoation and Perfection of Japanese Cultural Heritage Protection Law
Zhao Yunchuan
129 The Study of Tour Utensil Design in Late Ming Dynasty:Focusing on Kao Pan Yu Shi
Chen Fang
131 Fashion and Art
Yang Daosheng
133 Inspirations for China’s Cultural Industry Development from the Construction of Korea’s Cultural Industry Chain
Guo Pingjian Fang Haixia
135 The Fiber Arts Language of Chinese Minority-Miao’s Costumes
Xu Wen
137 Brief Discussion on the Secularized Performance of Murals in Dai Buddhist Temples
An Jia
139 The Pure Lands in the Cassock:A Study on the Motifs on the Robe of a Buddha Statue from Qingzhou in the Northern Qi Period
Qiu Zhongming Wang Xin
141 A Naturalistic Fashion of the Scholars in Six Dynasties
Zhang Yu'an
143 An Exploration to Discipline System of Digital Media Art
Li Sida


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