No.224 | December 2011 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2012-01-06

News and Events
5 Briefing, News
12 Overseas Information
14 New Design
15 Recommended Reading

The City of Design
16 "Creative Cities Network" and the Landscape of Design Cities: the Cultural Thoughts of Cities Applying the "World Design Capital"
Xu Ping
21 The Background and Significance of China's First UNESCO City of Design: Shenzhen
Yao Zhenghua
25 Shanghai's Road of Becoming UNESCO City of Design and the Industry Characteristics
Shen Yu  Yu Haibo
31 Integration, Ardor and Hope: Inspiration From the Development of Buenos Aires Design
Liu Guan Pang Yu
35 Seoul: The Glamorous City of Design
Liu Qiangong
40 Interpretation of the World Design Capital of IDA
Edited and Translated by Tian Jun

Exhibition on Paper
46 Return to the Local Identity: 2011 Beijing International Design Week and the Local Image of the Design Journey
Zhao Wenbing

International Scholars
56 Interview with Norihiko Dan, a Japanese Architect / Urban Designer
Interviewed by Zhu Meizhen & Hidetoshi Uchihara Translated & Edited by Zhu Meizhen

Design Collection
62 Literati Craft: The Collection and Creation of Wang Yaxiong
Interviewer: Zhu Liang & Zhou Zhi Written by Zhu Liang

68 THE PIN! : Feelings on Push Pin Studio in New York
Wu Zhijiang

70 Views on the Creativity of Animation from the Prospective of Conflict and Transference
Qiu Xiaoyan Xiao Ou
72 Application of Knowledge Map in the Costume Design
Wang Zhongyuan
74 Research and Development on New Type of UCD-based Socke
Chen Tao

Case Study
76 The Way to Agglomerate Overall Form Effect of Exhibition Space Based on the Case of First BIDT
Wang Ruixia
78 Old Experience and New Design: Exploring Apple Products Design from the Empiricism of Dewey
Yang Qianming
80 The Obstruct and Strategy of Promotion of Apparel Pattern Design
Xie Liang
82 The Disguise of Persuasive Talker: Analysis of the Narration of TV Commercial Advertisement
Zhong Yantao
84 Deconstruction and Reconstruction: the Interpretation of Public Symbol Phantom in "Xintiandi" Environmental Design
Dong Zhinian

Teaching Archive
87 Design of Sustainable Growth: The Application of Series Thematic Teaching Methodology on Landscape Design Education
Xin Jing
90 On the National and Opening Traits of the Artistic Design Education in Southeastern Asia: Taking the Poh-chang Academy of Arts, Thailand as an Example
Zhang Haibin
92 Integration Topics Exploration in Fundamental Design: Unit and Combination
Ouyang Li
94 Feeling Training in Composition Teaching
Xu Juanyan
96 Discussion on Material Semantics in Headdress Design Courses in the Applied Research
Ke Siyu

Folk Art and Culture
98 The Research About Shape Structure and Adornment Pattern of Dong Gravestone in Liping District, Guizhou
Duan Xiaoyun  Wang Yingli
101 Etiquette and Authority: Analysis of the Spatial Structure and Layout of the Buildings in the Hakka Community
Yang Jianjun
104 "Natural and Awkward" Taste: Intensively Talking About the Vernaculardwellings Stonemasonry Art of the Miao People in QingXi District of the Chengbu Country
Wang Bibo
106 Miracle of Native Land: Art of GuangDong ChaoZhou Wheat-Stalk Cutting Picture
Liu Yu  Zhan Bichuan

History of Art and Design
109 Gold-decorated Silk in the Song, Liao, and Jin Dynasties
Chen Yanshu
112 Two Changes on Alessi Design after 1945 and Its Inspiration
Chu Xiaoqing
114 On the Core Concept and Its Formation of Piet Mondtian's Design Philosophy
Ding Feng
116 Restricted View on the Design of Book Advertisement in Ming Dynasty
Wang Haigang
118 Additional Study on Accordion Binding
Yang Xueyong
120 Creation and Study: Technical Creation Mode Analysis of Fuzhou Lacquerware Workshop
Zhang Jian
122 On the New Order of Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings Decoration
Feng Jialiang

125 The Comparison Study of Qiuci Clothing and Sogdian Clothing
Wu Yun
127 The Headstream of Glazedbrick on Mausoleum and Blue-white Porcelain in Xinjiang
Yi Xiao
129 An Analytical View on the Architecture Art of Traditional Inhabit Region in Old Urban Kuche of Xinjiang
Wang Lei
131 Analysis the Origins of the fabric-"回" Unearthed in Turpan
Ren Wenjie
133 A Study on the Architectural Decoration of the Mongolian Lamaism Temple in Oriat Dynasty in Xinjiang: Interpretation of Zhaosu "Divine Temple" by the Church
Wang Song
135 Symbal Parody and Fragmentation: How to Misread by Own in Old City Renovation of Xinjiang
Jiang Dan
137 Imitation of Nature: On the Adobe Villages of Xinjiang Turpan Landscape Design Strategy
Yan Fei
139 Concerning the Artistic Charicterristics of Xibo Fragrant Pillow Embroidery in Xinjiang
Xiao Kun
141 The Figure Language of Aromatic Holy Land: Kashi"Sweet Princess Grave"Ancient Architecture Decoration
Ma Cheng
143 Explore the "Fu-color" Arts of Wooden Objects Handmade by Uighurs
Zhao Kai


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