No.217 | May 2011 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2012-01-01

News and Events
5 Briefing, News
10 Overseas Information
12 New Design
13 Recommended Reading

Tsinghua Design
14 Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University: Ranks among the Advanced Schools of Art in the World
Zheng Shuyang
16 Harmonious Beauty: Beijing Olympic Image Landscape and National Image
He Jie Yuan Bo
20 The Most Beautiful Tsinghua Campus in the Past Century: Resouance Between Campus Construction and Cultural Heritage
Liang Lijun Zhang Fengchang
22 Blueprints of Tsinghua University in the Past One Hundred Years
Writor:Zhu Liang Narrator&Material provider:Miao Rixin
30 Interview with Guan Zhaoye, Professor of School of Architecture, Tsinghua University
Interviewer: Zhu Liang Yang Mingyan
34 The Design of Department of Automotive Engineering Tsinghua University
Wang Bo Yi Lu
38 The Flags of Tsinghua Design: Art and Science
Li Yanzu
40 The Grand Design: Pay Respects to Mr. Hawking
Hang Jian

International Scholars
44 Architecture and the Virtual:Towards a New Materiality (2)
Antoine Picon Translator: Liang Wen

Exhibition on Paper
50 Magnolia Blooming: Review Mr.Zhu Danian and His Paintings
Edited by Zhao Hua Provided by Baiyaxuan

Scholar's Inquiry
58 Nüwa's Symbolic Identities: An Iconological Analysis of Nüwa's Image
Shen Ying

The Trail of Beijing International Design Triennial
63 From Milan Design Week to Beijing International Design Triennial
Provided by INTERNI Translator: Wang Yun
65 The Memorabilia Beijing International Design Triennial (2)

Design Collection
66 Lost Dream: the Mood for Love Sealed in the Old Cheongsam
Written by Zhao Hua Interviewed by Fang Xiaofeng & Zhao Hua

Book Review
72 Care of Reading Experience: Reread Not Merely China Wooden Building by Zhao Guangchao
Chen Qingjun

74 The Flower of Sino-Western Cultural Exchange
Yang Yang

76 The Other Side of the Father: Shang Aisong Collection on Behalf of Postscript
Shang Gang

Folk Art and Culture
77 Research on the Decline of Ceramics in Bowan and Maojiayao's Pottery in Longba
Wang Zhanbei
80 The Production Process and the Spiritual Content of Tianshui Embroidery Insole
Wang Yaping
82 The Art of Burning: The Sacrifices of Paper Art in the Hakka Consecration Culture
Lin Aifang
84 Study on the Geographic Features of Woodcarving Art in Chaozhou
Wang Dayong

History of Art and Design
86 The Analysis of the Sexual Image Carved on a Brick Relief of the Western Sichuan Plains
Gao Li Tian Xiaoying
90 Studying the Fabrics of Figures in "Beauties Wearing Flowers"
Chen Qingju
92 Research on Mural Images of Song Dynasty in Baizhuang, Jiaozuo
Cheng Wenguang
94 Fashion, Consume and Design Symbols: Interpret Planned Commodity Abolishment from the Angle of Consumption Culture
Wang Zhan Zhang Hongtao

Case Study
97 Research on the Space Form of Contemporary Railway Station
Tan Lifeng
100 Discussing on Series of Graphic Advertisement in the Lens of Narrative
Mao Zhongde
102 Research on Series Illustration Advertisement of Dreameater of Hitachi
Wang Xiaoling Luo Xiaohuan
104 The Self Redemption of Fashion:Commentary on Sustainable Fashion Tendency
Xiang Kaiying
106 Folds and Layers: A Trendy Lexicon of Handbag Style
Tang Yong
108 A Brief Analysis of Integration Design: Discussing from “The White Paper of Palmisano”
Wu Zuoguang Sun Yingying

110 Study on the “Publicness” Function of City’s Public Bicycle: Take Hangzhou for Example
Gu Cong Wang Fei
112 Exploration on the Method of Generative Design in New Chinese Furniture
Zou Weihua
114 Landscape Design Methods of Urban Soundscape Based on the Integration of Vision and Sound: A Case Study of Hangzhou Five-Water Landscape System
Zhao Xiumin

Teaching Archive
116 Discussion on the Amendment of the Alternative Thinking in the Graphic Design Teaching
Wu Can Hou Wei
118 Simple but not Rough, Rapid and Efficient: On the Practice of Rapid Prototyping in Instruction of Product Design
Zhang Zuyao Zhu Yuan
120 On the Impact of Virtuality in Cartoons on Aesthetic Education
Wang Jing
122 The Game of Textile: The Investigation of Teaching Methods Innovation on Fashion Structure Design
Zhang Lei

125 Inheritance and Evolution of Dry Landscape in Japanese Modern Landscape
Luo Danli
127 On the Interaction Between the Teaching of Composition Basics and the Teaching of Professional Designing
Yi Zhimin
129 Creative Graphics Curriculum Implementation Strategies
Jiang Yongting
131 On the Planning Strategy of Towns Landscape Character Control in Minority Areas: For Example with the Landscape Character Planning of Chuanzhusi town
Ding Yanqiu
133 About the Approaches of Design Innovation From Louise Goldin and Sandra Backlund’s Knitwear Design Works
Guo Dongmei
135 The Imaginal Thinking of Modern Decorative Line Drawing
Lu Zheng
137 On Traditional Architecture’s External Layout of Baima Tibetan Nationality
Sun Xuemei
139 The Ideal Construction of the Training Curriculum System of Product Design
Ding Yuehua
141 About the Importance of Used Graphic Symbol in the Post Modern Posters Design of Post-Modernism
Liu Mingfeng Wang Yong
143 The Significance of Knowledge Restructuring and Discussion of Mode from the Graphic Design Course
Luo Xiao Liu Baojing


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