No.218 | June 2011 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2012-01-01

News and Events
5 Briefing, News
10 Overseas Information
12 New Design
13 Recommended Reading

Design Week
14 The Carnival in the City of Fog: Reconsideration about London Design Festival
Wang Yanling Peng Yu
19 Design Events in Japan: Take “Tokyo Designers Week” and “Designtide Tokyo” as Examples
Zhu Meizhen
24 Museum as A Leading Role: On Cooper-Hewitt Museum, National Design Week and National Triennial
Li Minmin
28 Breifly Discuss the Capital of Design: Milan Design Week
Zhou Yanyang
32 Design Speculation in the Industrial Town: Saint-étienne International Design Biennial
Wang Xiaomo

Exhibition on Paper
36 International Quilt Festival: Inheritance & Innovation 2011
Written by Tian Qing

Design Collection
44 Tradition and Fashion of Toys: "Gidanwawa" Muppet Designer Ms.Yangliu and Her Toy Collection Interviewed and
Written by Zhao Hua

The Trail of Beijing International Design Triennial
49 Design for Debate
Anthony Dunne Fiona Raby Translator: Li Xin
51 The Memorabilia Beijing International Design Triennial (3)

Book Review
52 A Family Photo Album of Art History Criticism: Methods & Theories of Art History
Li Xin

Scholar's Inquiry
54 Study on the Scenes for Fishes Display in Yuanmingyuan
Jia Jun

59 The Multiple Semantic of Colour in Modern Design
Li Chaode

Teaching Archive
62 Composite Materials Laboratory of Visual Communication Professional Teaching
Cao Yuan
64 Thinking Training of Style Design: Exploration and Practice in Space Design Curriculum
Yang Kaifu Xie Yanping
66 Basic Teaching of Art and Design Multi-dimensional Expansion of Training Practice
Jiang Rui
68 Thinking and Practicing of Costume Design Teaching Under the Context of Low-Carbon
Luo Shihong
70 The Inspiration of Environment: Practice and Exploration in Natural Feeling Design Course Teaching
Wu Zengyi
73 IncentiveTeaching Method: The Philosopher's Stone for Constitutes Design Courses
Lai Xiaojuan

History of Art and Design
76 Four Propositions on the Interactive Design in the Context of Network Environment
Liu Wenpei
78 The Hu Culture Influence of Fashion in the Tang Dynasty
Wu Yuhong
80 Regional Differences of Jade During the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period
Bai Bo
82 Study on the Form,Pattern & Craft of Jade Plate of Spring and Autumn Period in Nanyang Xichuanxia Temple
Jiang Fujian
84 The Development of Poster Style from 1949 to 1976 in New China
Cheng Xinhao
86 Grassland Cultrue of "Poetic Wisdom": On the Spiritual Connotation of the Mongolian Deer Stone's Pattern and Ornamentation
Zhang Xiaoyong

Folk Art and Culture
89 Miao and Dong Women Headdress Arts and Cultural Interpretation
Zhou Meng
92 Culture Investigation about Dragon-boat Racing in the Duanwu Festival
Tang Hongyue
94 Investigation on the Tattoo Pattern of the Dai Tribe in Mengding
Zhang Yanmei Fu Dongyun
96 Research on the Yangxin Traditional cloth paste and aesthetic function
Yin Zhaoyang Liu Yuhan

Case Study
98 A Brief Analysis on the Mental Model Matching between Designers and Users
Cao Yang Liu Juan
100 Interpretation of Rural Theme: The Display Design of Ningbo Case Pavilion in Shanghai Expo
Xie Xubin Yang Junlin
102 The Decadence Passed through a Century: Compare the Illustrations between Aubrey Beardsley and Aya Kato
Chen Guili
104 The Texture Expression of Icon Design in Digital Interface
Pang Bo
106 The Invisible Wire: From Wired Analyze the Table of Contents Design in Digital Age
Wan Changlin
108 “Addition” and “Subtraction ”of Space-Creating in West Lake, Hangzhou
Wang Liyun
110 Research on the Semitics Application of Web Emoticons Design
Zhang Huiming
112 The Classic Poem Image Expressed in the Modern Space Design: Take the Suzhou Museum for Example
Li Qi

115Research on the Color and Space Design of Urban Underground Environment: Take the Subway of China and Korea for Example
Ma Jinxiang
118 “Foliage” Domestic Humidifier Design
Wan Fucheng
120 Heilongjiang Rural Residential Low Carbon Energy Saving Design Research
Zhang Ziyi
122 Study on the Design of Heterogeneous Children's Books
Lu Qiongyang

125 Rhythm in Animation Creation
Sun Lijun
127 Font Selections and Character Meanings in Brand Design
Shen Mingyuan
129 Interior Design in the Creation of Semantic Communication
Cao Yu
131 Analyze the Applications of Plane Formation in the Fashion Design
Zhou Feng
133 From the Veda Statue Analyse the Shuanglin Temple Painted Sculpture
Zhang Guiming
135 The Assumed Realistic Art Characteristics Performance of Ink Animation: The Creation of "There was a Mountain"
Li Xia
137 Color Carving Paper Art in Lingqiu, Guangling and Yu Counties
Chen Wei
139 The Analysis of Modern Language Characteristics of Qipao in Film-and-television Works
Shi Tong
141 From The Banquet to A Dream in Red Mansions: Freehand Brushwork in Martial Arts Films Character Design
Li Qing
143 Melody of Reed Pipe: On the Artistic Style of Chinese Ink Animation "Reed Pipe"
Yao Guiping


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