No.219 |July 2011 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2011-12-20

News and Events
5 Briefing, News
12 Overseas Information
14 New Design
15 Recommended Reading

City Details
18 Ethical Thinking on Edge Design in Urban Space
Fang Xiaofeng
22 The Security of Urban Daily Public Space and the Safety Ethic Consciousness of Its Design
Shi Qi
27 Design of Urban Public Facilities in the Spirit of Place Information
Wen Xin
31 Trivial Details
Xi Haifei
37“Phoenix” Reborn: A Case Study on Regeneration of Coventry Historic Centre
Zhu Rong
41 Public Slogan System as the Details of City: Hangzhou for Example
Wang Lingling Song Xindi

The Trail of Beijing International Design Triennial
47 Reason Design Emotion
Provided by Beijing International Design Triennial Edited by Li Xin
49 The Memorabilia Beijing International Design Triennial (4)

Exhibition on Paper
50 Set Eyes upon East and Face to Future: Soul Design Festival and Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University
Liu Tiejun

Design Collection
56 Where Innovation is Tradition: Traditional Instruments Collection and Research of Hexiaoyou
Interviewed and Written by Huang Dequan

Book Review
60 On whether Filming Works can Exist Independently without Written Words
Ju Wenxian Yuan Enpei

62 The Lacquer Collections and the Lacquer Art Project Venues of Taiwan
Zhang Yan

Case Study
64 Reality out of Illusion: Reflection of Chinese Culture Differences in the Films Kung Fu Panda and Mai Dou Wu Dang
Sui Jinyun
66 Strategy and Meaning of Second Nature: Analyze the Design Works of Tokujin Yoshioka
Yang Xiaoqi
68 The Enlightenment of Cloud Gate in Chicago Millennium Park
Zhang Ben
70 The Logical Questions about Art Originality in Design
Fu Qiang Liu Yan
72 Brand Styling and Feature Research of Alfa Romeo
Zhao Danhua He Renke
75 Research on the Formation of Audi Brand and Design Feature
Zhang Wenquan Zhao Jianghong Tan Hao
78 Conflict and Coexistence: The Thorough Analysis about New Kitsch-design
Cai Jiangyu Lin Shuyao

80 On the Japanese Metal Craft Technique: Mokumegane
Ariyoshi Mitamura
82 The Package Strategy of Baby Bathing Products
Han Dong
84 The Design of Decorate Texture in Knitted Garment
Shi Lili
86 The Application of Animated Transitions in Web Page Design
Tang Lei
88 Study on the Design of Heterogeneous Children's Books
Shen Liping

Teaching Archive
90 On Formalism of the Fashion Design Pedagogical Practice in Chinese Higher Education
Xiao Wenling
92 Discussion of Teaching Special Topics in Character Study Course of GAFA
Liao Xiangrong
94 Systematic Process the Open Style: The Research and Practice of Open Style Teaching Reform of the Environment and Landscape Design Course
Yang Jun
96 Research on the Modelling Basic in Design Courses
Wei Hanhong
98 The Ideology of Creativity as Guidance for Photography: Method Exploration in Teaching's Photography
Wang Yan

Folk Art and Culture
100 Investigate Men's Costume of Basha Village of Congjiang County in Guizhou
Zhang Guoyun
103 An Analysis of the Contents and Connotation Contained in the Wood-block New- Year Pictures of Hua County
Chen Jie
106 National Art Characteristics and Cultural Differences of Ancient Art Performance Stage: Take Han and Tujia National in Hunan Province for Example
Fan Xiaojian
108 Ward off Evil and the Origin of Dragon Boat Festival
Chen Wenli
110 The Feature and Current Value of Folk Paper Cutting
Zheng Xiao

History of Art and Design
112 The Discussion about Lugou Bridge Lions Carved in Jin Dynasty
Ji Lei
114 The Experiment of Thoughts and the Practice of Reality: See America Public Arts From the W.P.A Plan and Percent for Art Ordinance
Li Jun
116 Language of Things: Studies on Design Symbol which can Glance and Play
Tian Chun
118 The Relationship of the Vicissitude of Bed Screen and the Change of Ancient Living Way
Wang Maolin
120 Relevance of Beauty Painting Fresco on Jueyuan Temple and Belle Painting of Ming & Qing Dynasty
Wang Ruiqin
122 On the Composition Art of Bricks with Signet Picture in Han Dynasty
Tang Jianzhong

125 The Research of Original Products Designing Methods: Take the New Type Bean Milk Machine Design as an Example
Chen Jiang
127 Design Value Analysis and Design Strategy
Chen Xu
129 Quilting Life, Quilting Design: The Spiration from American Culture of Quilt
Ding Min
131 Based on School-enterprise Cooperation the Spiral Organization Model Research and Practice
Duan Lisha
133 The Joint Development of Industrial Design and New Manufacturing Mode
Li Jian
135 Product Design of Mobile Internet Platform
Liu Yi
137 Analysis on the Compatibility of Originality and Emotional Experience in Product Design
Mo Lian
139 Identity Crisis and Validation: An Interpretation of “ya-su” Idea in Zhang Wu Zhi
Peng Shengfang
141 The Practice of Project-type Teaching Mode in Household Textiles Design Course
Yang Yi
143 Hakka Cultural Elements Applied in Toy Design: Take Weilong House for Example
Liu Shan Zhou Yu


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