No.220 | August 2011 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2011-12-15

News and Events
5 Briefing, News
10 Overseas Information
12 New Design
13 Recommended Reading

Graduation Design Industrial Design
14 Outstanding Graduation Design from Department of Industrial Design, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University
22 Outstanding Graduation Design from Department of Industrial Design, School of Design, China Academy of Art
29 Outstanding Graduation Design from Academy of Industrial Design, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
35 Outstanding Graduation Design from Department of Industrial Design, School of Design, Jiangnan University
43 Outstanding Graduation Design from Department of Industral Design, School of Design, HNU

The Trail of Beijing International Design Triennial
51 The Life Attitude of Good Design and Smart Recombinations
Li Xin
53 The Memorabilia of Beijing International Design Triennial (5)

Scholar's Inquiry
54 The Tradition of Handicraft Art: Reflection on Knowledge System of Traditional Handicraft Art
Xu Yiyi

Design Collection
60 Practice First: Shi Zhenyu’s Product Design and Collection
Interviewed by Tian Jun, Zhu Liang Written by Tian Jun

Book Review
64 The Beauty of Chinese Character, Color & Creative: Read Uncle-B Design of Chinese Character
Zou Xiao

66 The Utility and Aesthetic: The Chinese Daily-Use Ceramic Design
Chen Qi

Case Study
68 From Representation to Interpretation: The Design of Infographics
Wu Qiong
71 Creating Business Model Canvas in Product and Service Design
Gao Yupeng Li Shiguo Wang Yushan
74 The Object being Watched: The Images of Women in Urban Environmental Sculptures
Liu Jian Liu Xinhua
77 Research on the Relationship between Wayfinding System and Space
Wang Shaoqiang
80 The Density of Half past Eight Minutes: Analyze the Narrative Intelligence of Father and Daughter
Yu Xiaofei Tang Xuemei
82 Calculated Life: Analyze the Works of Fujitsu Design Award 2011
Wu Can
84 Go Back to the Wall-Hanging: Givi Kandareli’s Gobelin Art
Luo Hong
86 A Primary Discussion on the Design of Personal Blog
Yu Huijian

Teaching Archive
88 Teaching and Practice on Product Design Style Cognition
Zheng Linxin
90 Academic Analysis Regarding the Demand of Different Audience for Effect Drawing
Li Huaqi
92 The Team Creation of a Daily Life: Exploring the Teaching Method of New Media Art
Lu Jie
95 Expression of Graphic Thinking Organization and Structure in Courses of Environmental Art Design
Wei Shuangzhen Huang Hongchun

Folk Art and Culture
98 Regional Features of New Year Woodblock Painting in Pingyang of Shanxi
Cheng Xiaoting
100 Analysis of Reproduce and Folk Culture in Kangtou Stone Lions in Northern Shaanxi
Zhang Jing Tian Qi
102 Artistic Quality of Yantai Jade Stone Moods
Cui Jiafu Cui Jiaoyan

History of Art and Design
104 Fold Theory and Modern Space Design
Li Hongye Jiao Suping
106 Visibility Analysis Method of Material Space and Its Research Progress
Lu Zheng Guo Weimin
108 Cheongsam in 1920s
Li Nan
110 The Influence of Wuxi's Folk Block Printing on "Ming" Typeface During Mid-Ming Dynasty
Wu Jianjun
112 A Brief Review on the Origins and Evolution of Streamlined Automobile
Wang Min

114 College Campus’ Sign System Design Based on Service and Culture: Taking Nanjing Communication Institute of Technology for Example
Liu Zonghong
116 Four Walker Model Construction and Modular Design of the Products
Zhang Yu
118 Watercolor Techniques Applicated and in the Batik Creation
Gao Shuli
120 On the Application of Lingnan Traditional Archipecture Style in Modern Interior Design
Du Zhaoming
122 The Application of Foldaway Structure in Furniture Design
Cao Shengsheng

125 Concerning the Traditional Painting on Porcelain Adornment the Embodiment of Three Generation in Qing Dynasty
Ning Gang Zhang Chaohui
127 Complicated and Confusing: Out of the Misunderstanding of Characteristics of Animation Nationalization
Kang Xiuji
129 The Decorative of Ceramic Paintings
Kong Zhengzhen
131 Inspiration from the Investigation of Pottery Art Teaching in Korean Universitys
Jin Yinzhen
133 See the Porcelain Decoration Transition of the Republic of China from the Ceramic Aesthetic Culture Change
Wu Xiumei
135 Chindogu: The Alternative Design Style about Absurd and Allegory
Yu Qinghua
137 The Comparison Study of Concepts on Architecture Colored Drawing & Decoration between Ying-zao-fa-shi and Ten Books on Architecture
Yu Jianfeng
139 Fish and Fishing: Two Design Thought of Gentry in Late Ming Dynasty under Real Learning and Western Learning
Wang Ping
141 The Relationship Between Missionaries, Literati Painting and Early Qing’s Blue and White Porcelain
Shen Ling Wang Yi
143 On the Semantic Features and Representation of the Conceptual Books Design
Yan Rushan


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