No.221 | September 2011 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2011-12-11

News and Events
5 Briefing, News
8 Overseas Information
10 New Design
11 Recommended Reading
Special Feature:Renaissance
12 Perfect Dome: Innovative Route of Italian Renaissance Architecture
Fang Xiaofeng
16 Leonardo da Vinci: Body as Machine and Machine as Body
Martin Kemp Translator: Li Yun
24 The European Characters in Renaissance
Gu Xin
28 The Patrons and Art in Renaissance
Zhang Gan
34 The Technique and Science in Renaissance
Dai Wusan
The Trail of Beijing International Design Triennial
41 What Kind of Design Exhibition Fits China?
Editor: Li Xin
43 The Memorabilia of Beijing International Design Triennial (6)
Exhibition on Paper
44 Ikenobo: Origin of Ikebana
Written and Edited by Zhu Meizhen
50 Interview impressions of Ikenobo Headmaster Designate Yuki Ikenobo
Interviewed and Written by Zhuang Bian
Book Review
52 Forever Guerrilla: Tadao Ando
Xiao Feng
International Scholars
54 Framing Fonts; About Typography in the Western World
Niko Spelbrink Arthur O. Eger Translator: Li Yun
Design Collection
60 Poetic Prospect, Literary Fragramce & Best Book: Jiang Xun's Collection and His Book Design
Interviewed by Zhou Zhi Zhao Hua Huang Dequan Written by Zhou Zhi
History of Art and Design
65 Constuct New Humanism Perspective:The Aging Problem in China and Its Impact on Auto Design
Zhao Chao
68 The Peacock Phenomenon of Men’s Wear in 17th Europe
Song Yang
70 Analysis of the Dynamic Point of View of the Dunhuang Frescoes in thePhenomenon of non-Focus Perspective
Sun Haozhang Ji Xiaomin Wang Feng
72 Three Stages of ‘Package’ Concept and Its Nature in Ancient China
Ke Shenghai
74 A Preliminary Study on Chinoiseries of Early Meissen Porcelain
Song Guanglin
Case Study
76 The Variation of Logo: Logo’s Self Redemption in the Two-Dimensional Space
Lu Ming
78 Research of the Border Line in Japanese Comics
Liu Hua
80 Semantic Design in Exhibition: Take the Danmark and China Pavilion for Example
Hu Guoliang Liu Chao
82 The Cultural Criticism of The Triplets of Belleville
Chen Wang
84 Analysis of Representation and Causation to Tie-dye Texture
Shan Xiugui
86 Research on the Experience Communication of Social Networking Services
Sun Haiyin Ding Sha Deng Yanan Ma Huifang
89 Research on Humanization Design of High Quality City’s Public Spaces: Investigations of Wushan Square and Yunhe Square in Hangzhou
Ding Jijun Ye Ling Yao Jue Luo Kunliang
Teaching Archive
92 The Animation World Created by Color Paint: New Research of Colleges Teaching about Animation Sculpture Course
Cheng Yuangang
94 The Explore on Artistic Design Teaching Based on Transfer - Epiphany Theory: Take the Case of Landscape Design Course
Liu Xiancheng Kuang Binquan
96 Innovation and Practice of International Cooperation of Multimedia Design Education Disciplinary Building
Cheng Yuhuai Tang Youchun
98 The Module Teaching Mode of Sportswear Design: New Experiment of Clothing Design Education
Wang Lu
Folk Art and Culture
100 The Beauty of Technology of Weaving, Batik and Embroidery of Hmong Traditional Costumes in Weining, the West of Guizhou
Chen Lei
102 Wooden Lei In Southeastern Chongqing and Its Culture Connotation
Yu Jiping Ma Yufeng
106 Analyze the characteristic of Tao's Paper Charms from Wuxi
Wang Anxia Liu Weiqiang
108 Artisic Characteristics of Uygur Wooden Printed Cloth Art in Xinjiang
Wang Jingjing
110 A Comfortable Sky-sightseeing Environment Creation: the Tourist Sphere Design of Guangzhou Tower’s Horizontal Observation Wheel
Chen Xinye
112 Green Roof: Landscape Approach to Stormwater Management on Building Roof
Zhang Shanfeng Song Shaohang
114 The Application of Visual-rhetoric-based Graphic to the Packaging Design
Chen Zhan
116 Research on the Non-linear Time Structure of Modern Book Design
Liu Qun
118 Participable Book Design
Xue Lian
120 Discussion on Animation Character Design with Relief Stone Style: Take "Two Peachs Killing Three People" for Example
Zhao Xinping Zhang Ke Zhang Zhongheng
122 The Symbol Design of the Subway Station Name in Xi'An Historic District
Tang Yali Ma Ke
125 The Exploration of Technological Design Education in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute
Chen Liannian Zhang Li
127 The keywords of Teaching Schedule and Studio System Educaition Reform Project
Xie Yaping
129 The Exploration and Practice of Interaction Linkage Initiative Educational Reform Mode: Take Sichuan Fine Arts Institute for Example
Wang Bi Li Jinling
131 The Exploration and Practice of Educational Reform Model for Ceramics Studio, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute
Tang Ying
133 The Exploration and Practice of Teaching Reform of Mold Studio
Zhao Weidong
135 The Exploration of Sketch Teaching with General Significance
Zhou Nanping
137 Experimental Teaching of Color Sketch
Wang Xinfu
139 Teaching Experience of Lacquer Studio
Zhu Xiaohe He Yan
141 The Approach to Reform the Fibre Art Education: A Case Study of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute
Zhang Haidong
143 The Teaching Management on Account of Craft Design Teaching and Studio System
Jiang Zhili



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