No.222 | October 2011 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2011-12-06

News and Events
5 Briefing, News
8 Overseas Information
10 New Design
11 Recommended Reading

Aesthetic salvation
12 Storm Society and Grass: The Aesthetic Education Road of Mr. Hiunkin Pang
Guo Qiuhui
21 The Generation of Aesthetic Modernity: Cai Yuanpei’s Art Enligtment
Zhao Chengqing
26 Art and Craft Education over the Period of the Republic of China under the Influence of “Aesthetic Salvation”
Tian Jun
32 From Tsinghua Campus to the National Southwest Associated University: The Formation, Development and its Interpretation on the Thought of "Aesthetic Salvation" of Wen Yiduo
Zhu Shuai
39 The Timeline of Art and Craft Education over the Period of the Republic of China
Edited by Tian Jun

Scholar's Inquiry
44 Constructivism in China: Illustrated by the Case of Book Cover Design in the Period of the Republic of China
Li Shaobo
Exhibition on Paper
48 About Poetry, Experimental and Old Book Cover of ROC
Jiang Xun
Design Collection
54 Literary Brilliance & Water Lilies: Zhao Xigang’s Paper-cut Collection and Creation
Written by Li Jiang Interviewed by Li Jiang & Zhu Liang

60 About The Sense of Involvement in Designing
Shen Hongcai
History of Art and Design
62 Integration of Military Power and Dramatic Decoration: On the Dress of Tang Dynasty’s Military Dance in XinXi Paintings on the Ancient Music
Cheng Yajuan
64 On the Scholarly Trend of Folk Paper-cut in Ming & Qing Dynasty
Wang Meng
66 "Artists' Books" and the Futurism in Russian
Xu Jing
68 A Discussion on the Style of Dubi-Kun
Li Yanhong
70 Analysis on Composition Display Method of Nanyang Relief Stone Sculpture in Han Dynasty
Xing Pengfei , Xu Biao
72 Influence of Fujian’s Blue & White Porcelain to the Ornament Theme of Thailand’s Rust Pattern Pottery
Deng Xiumei

74 Breakthrough and Innovation of Pape Media: How to Design the Interactive Magazine Advertising
He Jia
76 Application of “Macau Elements” in the Design of Souvenirs
Huang Guanghui , Sun Zhen, Gao Qinyan
78 Emotion in the Water: Creative Design of the Faucet
Liu Xiaohong
80 Research on the Design of "Wuqiao Acrobatics" Cultural Symbols in Tourism Souvenirs
Gao Liqun, Duan Jiankun
82 Information Design Methods Research in Dating Sites
Qin Jingyan, Li Yan

Case Study
84 The Protective Design of “Functional Replacement” of Historic Districts
Teng Youping , Guo Weimin
86 The Spatial Features of Stone Street System in Old Town
Gongtan, Lin Zhiyu
88 From Identifying to Reading: Study on Landscape Construction from the Perspective of Readability
Gong Wei
90 The Beauty of Feminist: An Analysis on the Advertisement Image in the Vision of Feminism
Li Shu
92 The Theme and Expression of Kan Tai Keung’s “Grieve” Theme Poster Design
Lin Jun
94 A Study on Movement and Guide-Design in the Kinematic Interface
Luo Jun

Folk Art and Culture
96 On The Colour Characteristics of Liangping Wood Engraving New-year Paintings
Su Wu, Qi Xu, Xue Zhenhe
100 Decorative Painting Art in Buildings of Hucun, Jixi Chen Qingjun
Cheng Botao
103 Regong Tang-ga: the World of Spirit and Soul: Dialogue with Tang-ga Master Xi He-dao
Xie Zhao
106 Discuss in the Colour Design Style of Shandong Menjian
Wang Ruiqin
108 Analyse the 卐 in Tibetan Decorations
Deng Jialin
110 Development Potential of Added Value in Derivatives of Chinese Wood Engraving Picture from Perspective of Suqi Lantern Woodprint
Wei Yuncheng

Teaching Archive
112 A Research on Fusion-style of "Design Color" and "Color Composition" in Basic Design Teaching
Sun Huixia
114 Interaction between Design and Behavior in Architectural Space: Teaching Reformation on Space Design in Preliminary Architecture for Environmental Arts
Wang Yihan , Wang Xiuping
116 Induction and Interpertation: Reflect on Hand-pained Rendering Course of Environment Design
Xie Mingyang
119 Jade Carvings into the Contemporary Artistic Design Education in College: Practice and Reflections
Chen Tongji
122 A Research on Contemporary Design Education: How to Promote Students’ Creativity by Using the Alternating Teaching Method
Zhang Yang

125 Study on Plant’s Decorative Patterns in Chinese Wedding Customs
Chen Jun, Chen Xiaowei
127 Perfect Moment: The UE Design in Browser Interfaces
Zhao Kan, Chen Xiu
129 Analysis on Cognitive Load of Interaction Art Design on Web-Based
Cao Wenbo, Yu Wenrong
131 Case Study of Small Residential House Energy Saving Design: Take Wansheng Expert Housing for Example
Zhou Wei
133 Innovation and Practice of Art and Design Studio Teaching Practical Skills
Quan Litao
135 On the Claborate-style Painting Effect of 3D Digital Art from Animation Three Kingdoms
Liu Chang, Li Yang
137 Analysis of Design Education between China & American: Take the University of Virginia Tech for Example
Liu Hua
139 A Causal Analysis of the Dominant Beauty Image in Shanghai Posters
Zhang Shiyue
141 Influence of Fashion & Commercial Elements on Contemporary Portrait Photography Trends
Zhang Tong , Chen Shanyan
143 Research about Real Estate Film and Television Advertisement Artistry and Effective: Ex.Nanjing Fushou Lake Manor Promo
Lan Hui, Wu Ying


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