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- One of the leading journals in China for arts and design
- Included in Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI)
- Published on behalf of the Tsinghua University (Beijing, China)
- Founded in 1958, 12 issues per year

The Journal welcomes submissions on all areas of design, design theory, art and design history.
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The journal of ZHUANGSHI is released monthly by Beijing Newspaper and Periodical Publishing Bureau (domestic) and China International Book Trading Corporation (international). The standard serial number for it is CN11-1392/J and ISSN0412-3662. It also has an operating license of advertisement authorized by Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce.

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News & Events

International Scholars:201802,201804

On the Origin of Products

Arthur O. Eger & Huub Ehlhardt

International Scholars:201801

Three-dimensional Models as ‘In-between-objects’

Dr. Simona Valeriani

International Scholars:201604

Zaha Hadid in Baku

Joseph Giovannini

International Scholars:201601

Art/Science & Big Data-1

Gordon Knox

International Scholars:201602

Art/Science & Big Data-2

Gordon Knox

International Scholars:201603

Art/Science & Big Data-3

Gordon Knox

International Scholars:201512

The Master of Modernist Design: Massimo Vignelli

Elle Yoon

International Scholars:201511

Evolutionary Product Development can map Status Quo and Future of a Product

Arthur O. Eger / Huub Ehlhardt

International Scholars:201508

Mapping the grid of Swiss Graphic Design

Richard B. Doubleday

10 Jan,2010

Zhuangshi is selected as one of " the most influential journals though the latest 60 years ".

Zhuangshi received the" the most influential journals though the latest 60 years " title. It is learned that, among all the 80 kinds of social science journals in honor, Zhuangshi is the only one art and design magazine.

Cover Topic

2017.8 2017.8
2017.7 2017.7
2017.6 2017.6
Special Feature: Brand Culture & National Brand(No.293 Septemper 2017)

1.Where is the Way of Chinese Brands: Review of the Seminar on "Brand · China"
2.Research on Brands from the Art Theory Perspective
3.Heritage and Innovation: Design Construction of Italian Centenary Fashion Brand Image Totem, Example of Gucci
4.Embodying Brand by Design Excellence
5.Communication Marketing: The Approach on Marketing and Branding into a Mature Era